The Bold and the Beautiful Season 28 Recap: Spit Out

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Bold and the Beautiful Season 28 Recap: Spit Out
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez | Cast and crew of soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” at 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” episode 7008 aired on Feb. 4, 2015. Bill tells Liam that they can proceed with their plan with Steffy’s help. They think of an alternative plan in case Steffy backs out. Bill hints about his engagement with Katie. Liam tells him that they should be careful of Steffy if she hears that they’re planning something against her father. Bill asks if his reason for taking over Forrester Creations is Hope.

Steffy continues to mock Caroline’s relationship with Ridge. Caroline tells her that it’s easy to ridicule but there are things that logic can’t explain. Steffy compares Caroline to Brooke and tells her that Liam was the one who called her and tells her that she can just be a friend to Ridge.

Brooke visits Ridge in his office. She offers him a truce and wonders if Ridge is going to ask her whether Caroline and Rick are back together. Ridge confidently answers that they’re not: “She’s not a masochist.” Brooke then tells him about Katie’s engagement with Bill and adds that she’s certain that he and Caroline will never be together. She further blurts out that Caroline is more appropriate for Rick and someone else is better for him. She eventually invites him for dinner.

Steffy visits Ridge and brings up Caroline in their conversation. She tells him that Caroline told her she’s falling for him, and tells him it needed to end now.

Quinn bickers Deacon over food. He tells her that he can get anything for her, but he knows that he can’t get what she really wants in the grocery. Wyatt arrives, and Quinn asks him about Hope. Wyatt tells her that Hope blames Quinn and asks her how innocent she feels. Quinn comforts Wyatt and tells him that she feels hurt for him because he lost his child and wife. Wyatt tells him that Hope is blaming him. Deacon butts in and tells him that no one’s blaming anyone and that bad things happen in life. Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope only stayed with him for the baby. Deacon defends Hope, and Wyatt tells them he feels like he was spit out by the Forrester family.

So that’s it for B&B’s episode 7008 which aired last Feb. 4, 2015.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Greg Hernandez

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