The Bourne Legacy Lives On

By admin | 6 years ago

The Bourne franchise features a new lead in the person of Jeremy Renner. In the beginning he is at an Alaskan wilderness where he meets another superspy with enough weapons to take on a small country. In the middle of their fight, an unmanned drone comes to blast everything within range. Renner

This is a good opener for Bourne Legacy where a man tries to recover his identity. According to those who have already seen the movie, it is a less thrilling reboot of the franchise. Until this latest movie, the series starred Matt Damon as the eponymous spy who can run circles around American intelligence agencies.

The previous Bourne titles brought new energy into the American action cinema. It placed identifiable human challenges into the action movie. The second and third movies were directed by Paul Greengrass, who made it more interesting than the first one.

Director Greengrass and Damon were set to make another Bourne movie but things didn’t work out and the studio went to Tony Gilroy, the writer of all three movies. Gilroy has two directing credits to his name, one of which is Michael Clayton.

Gilroy written The Bourne Legacy with his brother Dan. He has a lot of freedom when it comes to locations, characters, and expectations. He introduces another secret intelligence campaign called Outcome, which produced operatives who are lethally skilled and ingenious as Bourne.

From the Alaskan wilderness, Cross plays a deadly cat and mouse game with Colonel Byer (Edward Norton). Renner manages to make the fight sequences believable but his character lacks Jason Bourne’s agonies and strong sense of purpose.

Gilroy jumps location to location without any explanation as to why they are there. He tries to match Greengrass’ fast paced Bourne movies. All the past Bourne movies are connected from the one before it. The Bourne Legacy is a parallel universe with a new agency and a hero lost in it.

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