The Brats Movie Review

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The Brats Movie ReviewThe Brats is about a musician in his early 30s who becomes close with the father of his girlfriend. It is co-written and directed by first-timer Anthony Marciano and co-written and starred by Max Boublil. Alain Chabat stars as the couch-potato father who decides to relive his youth with his daughter’s boyfriend.

Thomas (Max Boublil) wants to be a composer and makes his living as a wedding singer. His upcoming marriage with Lola (Melanier Bernier) makes him decide to take a stable office job and be responsible. Then he meets Lola’s father Gilbert (Alain Chabat) and he sees a glimpse into his future. Gilbert’s pleasures include riling his wife (Sandrine Kiberlain), helping children in Africa, exercising his right to the remote control, and eating organic food.

Gilbert wants dissuade Thomas from marrying his daughter because he thinks it is not worth it. Gilbert used to be a musician himself and thinks it is time to get back his lost youth. He moves to his daughter’s apartment in Paris and gets Thomas to join him in wild parties.

The Brats has several funny scenes that include one with the improvised translation of an Iranian official’s statements during a nuclear summit. The movie manages to avoid going down in misogyny but the female characters in the movie are given life by the actresses and not by the writing.

The one thing that’s missing in The Brats is a clearer handle of the dramatic arcs of the characters. It feels like several scenes edited together. It is also hard to believe the two characters’ visit to Morocco in order to make Thomas’ musical dreams to come true as well as Gilbert’s desire to help him achieve them.

Music is also the star in The Brats. This is not a surprise since Boublil’s claim to fame is his cheeky songs posted in his YouTube channel. Some of them are featured in the movie’s soundtrack. Iggy Pop makes a cameo but this is one of the movie’s least funny scenes.

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