The Bridge Spoilers: Sorrowsworn [WATCH VIDEO]

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The Bridge Spoilers: Sorrowsworn [WATCH VIDEO]
Diane Kruger, Member of the international jury, Opening of the 58th Berlin International Film Festival On request of some friends. A little blurry but a nice smile. Date 7 February 2008, 19:21 Source Diane Kruger Author Siebbi

“The Bridge” Season 2 Episode 3 “Sorrowsworn” airs on Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on FX. Sonya and Marco reunite to find Eleanor for their own separate agendas. Read on to find out more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) “The Bridge” Season 2 spoilers for Episode 3 “Sorrowsworn,” including a brief recap of Episode 2 “Ghost of a Flea.”

Previously on “Yankee,” Eleonor Nacht (Franka Potente) was introduced as the serial killer who massacred a banker’s family. The gruesome murder was witnessed by Attorney Monte Flagg (Lyle Lovett). Eleonor was the new cartel enforcer for Fausto Galvan (Ramon Franco).

In “The Bridge” Season 1 Episode 2 “Ghost of a Flea” (air date: July 16, 2014), the episode picked up with Eleanor luring a teenage boy named Kyle for help. They went to his house for some clothes. Eleanor was seen looking at Kyle’s little brother and told Kyle to say goodbye to him. Following the murder of Eleanor’s henchman, the investigators found the dead body inside a the circling car with a taxidermied Yankee, which was a mascot used to represent the DEA.

Marco (Demian Birchi) woke up after sleeping with another woman. He continued to be pestered by another police lookout assigned to him. He was again made fun at when he arrived at the police station. Marco was now caught between doing what was right from wrong. The prosecutor wanted him to investigate about mysterious cases of Hugo Martinez and the Juarez women. He was also tapped by Galvan to find do a difficult task for him.

Sonia (Diane Kruger), on the other hand, found it hard to continue with her case due to the apparent discrimination against women in their station. She also came clean to Hank (Ted Levine) about sleeping with Jim Dobbs’ (Brad William Henke) living brother, Jack Dobbs (Nathan Phillips). Hank, who didn’t receive the news well, went to Jack and confronted him about it.

Sonia was later admonished from the case for not putting an APB on the mysterious suspect with the ledger. She later confirmed that a woman might be behind all of the crimes. She got correct description of Eleanor as a “church woman” from the taxidermist who Eleanor contacted before.

Elsewhere, Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard) and Adriana Mendez (Emily Rios) started looking for a man named Raul Quintana, who worked as a transvestite in a club. Daniel tried to pester him for more information, but he was punched in the face instead. Later, they met up with Raul in men’s attire to get information about the man who helped his aunt. Daniel and Adriana were too late after seeing Chuchito’s death body in his own apartment.

SPOILER ALERT: “The Bridge” Season 2 Episode 2 “Sorrowsworn” is directed by Stefan Schwartz and written by Dario Scardapane.

According to Spoiler TV, Sonya and Marco will collaborate again in order to find Eleanor’s location. She was previously featured seducing Kyle into having sex with her. They were inside a storage facility, where she was about to murder Kyle on a plastic tarp.

The upcoming “The Bridge” episode will shed light on several characters. Charlotte Millwright (Annabeth Gish) will succumb from a low hit to her business after the death of her husband in Season 1. On the other hand, Eva Guerra (Stephanie Sigman) will reunite with her lover, Steven Linder (Thomas M. Wright), again.

And that’s it for the “The Bridge” Season 2 Episode 3 “Sorrowsworn” spoilers. Check out MNG regularly for the latest news about “The Bridge,” including recaps and spoilers, as well as other entertainment news.

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