The Call is an Intense Thriller

By admin | 6 years ago

The Call movieThe Call is an intense thriller that delivers that it promised to the viewers. It can easily scare girls and make them cling on their male companions. It is directed by Brad Anderson who is recently praised for his work on cable dramas, including Treme, The Wire, and Boardwalk Empire.

The Call is a suspenseful movie about a teenager’s fate in the hands of a madman. It manages to make the concept fresh.

The main character in The Call is Jordan, played by Halle Berry. She works as a phone operator at the Los Angeles Police Department’s emergency call center. It is a large facility where dozens of operators like her receive phone calls from people with problems ranging from simple ones to an ongoing murder.

Jordan receives a call from a young woman who said that someone was assaulting her. Jordan remained calm when suddenly she hears the attacker on the line. She tells him not to do it but he replied that it is already done.

Affected by her failure to stop the crime, Jordan goes off the phones and switches to briefing applicants about her former job. She says that her two rules are to stay emotionally controlled and don’t make promises.

But when she learns that the same madman is at it again, she tries to advise the captive, Casey (Abigail Breslin), what to do while she is held in the trunk of a moving car. The bad guy is Michael (Michael Eklund). He is taking Casey to a place where he will do bad things to her.

Director Anderson goes back and forth from the 911 center to Casey’s perspective inside the trunk to the highway car chase by squad cars and helicopters. It makes the movie suspenseful but there are moments that it loses traction, especially when they arrive at the final destination.

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