‘The Circle:’ A Techno Drama-Thriller To Star Emma Watson and Tom Hanks

By Richelda Ordonez | 2 years ago
‘The Circle:’ A Techno Drama-Thriller To Star Emma Watson and Tom Hanks
Emma Watson

Gorgeous Emma Watson will portray Mae Holland in the film adaptation of 2013 novel “The Circle,” by Dave Eggers.  In this techno drama-thriller movie, she will be playing with Tom Hanks in direction by James Ponsoldt.

A month ago, Ex Machina’s star, Alicia Vikander, was reported to portray Mae Holland. Because of very busy schedule doing Bourne 5 (with Matt Damon), she had to drop the project and be replaced by an equally talented Emma Watson.

Director Ponsoldt is thrilled about this.  He confirmed in Vanity Fair:  “Emma Watson is one of my favorite actors, and her incredible talent, sensitivity, and deep intelligence will bring an electric energy to The Circle.”

In the movie, Watson will star as the main character, a young tech worker in a big Internet company called run by three “Wise Men,” and run by a mysterious tycoon portrayed by Hanks.  She started working in the company’s Customer Department landed a higher position when she began to discover dangers of privacy invasion in the modern age.  The movie will tackle the challenges of the Internet age where loss of privacy is an issue. There might be some similarities with the “The Circle” and “Facebook.” But Eggers clarified that it was not the same as the story’s plot is in the future where a certain company monopolizes data on the Internet.

After a remarkable role as Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter,” she gets to work with many talented actors and actresses like in “Noah.”  This year, the style icon and activist, Watson, has projects that will shake off her notable role in the “Harry Potter” film series.  Thriller films “Regression” and “Colonia Dignidad,” (alongside with Ethan Hawke and Daniel Bruhl, respectively) will hit the theaters this year.

The film will start rolling in September this year. So before her portrayal in this technology thriller film, she will star as Belle in the “Beauty and the Beast,” which also stars Dan Stevens and Luke Evans.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Emma Watson

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