The Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer Unveiled During Star Wars Day

By admin | 7 years ago

Fans had something to celebrate during this year’s Star Wars Day. George Lucas unveiled the first look into the upcoming The Clone Wars Season 5 that is shown on the Cartoon Network. The series chronicles the adventures of Jedi against Sith and the Separatists before the time of Darth Vader. Clone Wars Season 5

In the short trailer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5, Darth Mail and his brother Savage Opress are shown with their Sith red lightsabers. Someone dies and he wouldn’t be the last before Obi-Wan and Anakin stop them. As seen in the preview, a guy died in the brothers’ hand.

The second part of the trailer focused on the Death Watch, a group of Mandalorian Warriors who have their own view of how things should be run. Pre Vizsla is still in command and leads a small fleet of ships to a still unknown planet. People hope that the rogue group will bring more action to the series.

Star Wars Day also brought new updates to the official Star Wars web site. The Celebration VI page now has an image of Boba Fett in his classic green Mandalorian armor. It was drawn in the style of the animation series. People are speculating that this could mean that Boba Fett will suit up in this armor for the first time in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5. Viewers would have to wait until the first episode of Season 5, which will be unveiled during the Celebration VI event in August. Until then, speculations about Boba Fett will remain unconfirmed.

Season 5 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars will not be the last season of the series. Production has already started on a sixth season. May the Fourth did brought the force to Star Wars fans. It gave them something to celebrate about.

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