The Comeback Officially Returns to HBO in November 2014

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Comeback Officially Returns to HBO in November 2014
Lisa Kudrow at the 2009 Streamy awards. Wikimedia Commons/Lan Bui

HBO’s “The Comeback” is OFFICIALLY coming back on TV! Yes, you read that right. Once again, we are going to see Lisa Kudrow on a TV show, playing the role of Valerie Cherish. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

HBO has ordered a six-episode revival of the show, and it will air in November 2014. With such news, even when speculations are going around that “The Comeback” might return in the past few months, a lot of critics are already wondering whether the show will get a full series revival or not. Entertainment Weekly reported that Michael Patrick, co-creator of the show, and Kudrow said that their six-episode run on HBO will have a full story.

“Even when we did the first season, we ended like it was contained. This felt like a very full experience… I’m not sure how we did it this time,” said King in the Entertainment Weekly article.

Casey Bloys, HBO comedy executive, has also said that the return of “The Comeback” on the network was for one stint only, which means that King and Kudrow aren’t given the option for a possible second round. However, Bloys doesn’t totally shut the whole idea out because he still thinks that a second round is still possible for the show.

This makes the show a “limited series,” and it will definitely look and feel like the first season of “The Comeback.” However, some changes are in order, such as the second part of the show. It will focus more on Valerie being newly cast in a fictional HBO series with cameras following her still. The show will be like a documentary, and it’s part of the network’s behind-the-scenes stuff as well.

To know more about “The Comeback,” read here.

What do you think of the show returning to HBO? Is it something that you are looking forward to?

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Lan Bui

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