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The Darkest Hour 3D

The darkest hour 3d is a modest movie with a storyline based on five young Americans who lead the crowd against alien forces in Moscow. It stars Emile Hirsch as Sean, Max Minghella as Ben, Olivia Thirlby as Natalie, Rachael Taylor as Anne, Joel Kinnaman as Skyler and Veronika Ozerova as Vika. This movie has been directed by Chris Gorak and produced by Timur Bekmambetov.

The tag line of this movie is “Survive the Holidays!” which actually hasn’t got anything to do with the movie. Sean and Ben arrive in Moscow to start their business venture which they fail as that contract is awarded to their own colleagues Skyler; disheartened they go away and start looking for new pals in the area along with drinking. This is when they stumble upon two American girls namely Natalie and Anne. Just as they get acquainted with each other the power fails and everyone are shown exiting the pub, upon which a beautiful light glows in front of the crowd from the sky which scares everyone. Since the crowd gets aware the power of the light source everybody start running here and there. The invisible aliens have the power to turn humans into dust. The protagonists of the movie find a safe hiding place. From here starts the actual running and chasing action, the lead characters rise to find the remaining survivors and fight the mighty aliens.

The acting is purely lame which indirectly could be blamed on the script writers for those crap lines which sometimes don’t make any sense. There are various idiotic shots from the movie which may make you feel that the protagonists do not have even a basic IQ like Sean finding a radio which instead of using it, he plays with it turning the radio on and off. Even the writers need to learn some basic aspects of film making, in a scene where a boat capsizes all the lead actors return safely to the shore leaving one girl who ends up miles away which is impossible realistically. The saving grace of this movie is its 3D special effects which somehow makes it worth to watch.

This movie doesn’t deserve much in the screenplay and acting department. Much of the movie is short in dark which gives the viewers not much of a pleasant experience. Even the 3d effects are made more or less useless because of the dark lighting of the movie which doesn’t work for 3d. Therefore it’s better to stay away from this movie.


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