The Deleted Scenes from ‘Superman II’: Superman & Lois Lane [WATCH VIDEO]

By rubina | 3 years ago
The Deleted Scenes from ‘Superman II’: Superman & Lois Lane [WATCH VIDEO]
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It was surprising to find out about the deleted scenes on “Superman II,” where Superman and Lois Lane are bidding farewell to each other. It is an emotional and romantic scene, where the lovers part their ways.

Superman comes to meet Lois for the last time to tell her goodbye before he goes and saves. Lois is sad as the person whom she so dearly loved has come to say goodbye. Her heart doesn’t want to let go of Superman, but she knows that he has to go and save lives.

Superman promises Lois that he will meet her, not as Superman but as Clark. Lois says she is lucky that she got the love from the man she always wanted and that she will keep his secret safe. He tells her that he trusts her.

Lois kisses Superman when he tries to explain why he has to leave. Then he kisses her back too. Lois starts crying because she doesn’t know when she will be able to see her lover again.

But Superman assures her that he will definitely meet her. Before he is about to leave, she turns around and closes her eyes. Then Superman looks at her for a few seconds and then flies away in the sky.

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