The Details Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

The Details Movie ReviewThe Details is set to open Friday. It follows the template of American Beauty of examining the rot behind the façade of idyllic suburban life. It has an arrogant doctor, crazy neighbor, marriage on the rocks, a kidney transplant, murder, infidelity, archery and raccoons. Writer/director Jacob Aaron Estes fails to deliver a good movie.

The Details is calculated randomness. The connections are illogical and don’t have any shock value to them. They are not entertaining and don’t bring something to the story. Tobey Mcguire stars as Dr. Jeff Lang, an OB/GYN with a wife, kid and house in the suburbs. This is bad casting for the director because Mcguire doesn’t look the part. It is hard to him to make people believe he is a 30-something doctor when he looks 18, even if he’s already 37 years old. His wife is played by Elizabeth Banks.

Dr. Lang is a regular at his health club playing basketball. Their marriage has deteriorated and he spends his time watching porn online. He also uses his free time to take care of his year. Then raccoons come to destroy his yard and this leads to his meltdown. Add to that the other random elements like the crazy neighbor, murder, infidelity, and kidney transplant.

Instead of a movie with lots of passion and comedy, The Details is mishmash of ideas that are not meant to be mixed. Mcguire proves he lacks as an actor because he disappears in the scene whenever he gets to interact with Banks, Dennis Haysbert, and Laura Linney.

The Details is forgettable that you wouldn’t remember anything about it even before you get out of the cinema. This is the movie that should be skipped or washed away by storm Sandy. The opening sequence makes it seem like it has all the potential to be a good one but you’ll find yourself waiting for it to arrive until the end credits.

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