The Duggars Have Broken Their Silence on son Josh’s Child Molestation

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Duggars Have Broken Their Silence on son Josh’s Child Molestation
Duggar Family

In the most-awaited Duggar family interview with Megyn Kelly, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar finally broke their silence nearly after two weeks their son Josh Duggar’s scandal hit the headlines.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar told Megyn Kelly that they feel like failures as parents due to their son’s bad choices. They revealed that 13 years ago, Josh, who is now 27, came to them and confessed that he touched his sisters when they were sleeping.

“This was not rape or anything like that. he said he was just curious about girls and he had gone in and touched them over their clothes when they were sleeping. They hadn’t even known he had done it,” Jim Bob said.

And as for their punishment? “We put all kind of punishments. We watched him all the time. I took him to work with me, we just poured out life into him,” he answered.

Jim Bob even revealed in the interview that he knows some families who have gone through something like this and in fact, a lot of the stories he has heard were even worse.

Did the girls know that Josh touched them?

“One by one, none of them were aware of Josh’s wrongdoing,” Michelle said.

Following Josh’s confession to them, they made sure that their home was secure, which means that they prohibited their children not to play where they can’t see them or always make sure the doors are open. In fact, some of the rules are still being practiced until today.

However, the Duggars revealed that following Josh’s confession, another incident happened that Josh touched the “little one” under her clothes. When they found out, they immediately sent their son to a Christian training center. They also said that four of her children as well as the one babysitter that Josh touched went through counseling including Josh himself.

After Josh was done with at the Christian training center, they took him to the Arkansas Police headquarters to confess his crime.

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