The Fall Recap: It’s Always Darkest [WATCH VIDEO]

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The Fall Recap: It’s Always Darkest [WATCH VIDEO]
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The Fall” Season 2 Episode 3 “It’s Always Darkest” aired on Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC 2. Now that the police has the identity of the main suspect in the Belfast murders, DSI Stella Gibson directs their focus in finding him. Read on to find out what happened in this episode.

Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) was now a wanted man, so has to be more careful of his tracks. He stole a car parked in a house to foil the police, but he was mindful to leave the baby in the house’s doorsteps, as she was strapped in the car seat. Later, Spector was seen adjusting the license plate of the car, in case it would be reported stolen. With black tape and scissors, he changed the letters and numbers of the plate so that it won’t be easily detected by the police.

Meanwhile, DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) was told that she will have to work alongside Deputy Matt Eastwood (Stuart Graham) as she’s understaffed. She welcomed him on board, but earlier, she has expressed to her boss that she was against this arrangement.

The police had their briefing, a significant step to the investigation, as Stella called it.

Stella: From now on the investigation will be focusing on a particular individual. Our prime suspect, Paul Spector.

She ran down the particulars of the suspect, citing that they now have tangible evidence linking Spector to one of the murders. She also indicated that he may be connected with the abduction of Rose Stagg. The police seemed to have everything in control and in order. They will check out everything, including his childhood.

Stella: A man doesn’t wake up one morning and find that he has become a sexual psychopath. Nor does he wake up one day and discover that the condition is gone.

Meanwhile, Paul was back to his hotel and found that his clothes have been cut to pieces by none other than Katie (Aisling Franciosi), the baby sitter. She also left a note on his bathroom mirror, obviously disappointed by what he has done to her (as seen in the previous episode “One Named Peter” air date: Nov. 20, 2014).

The police followed up on Spector’s wife, Sally Ann (Bronagh Waugh), who recanted her earlier statement that Paul was with the children at home the night of one of the murders. Sally Ann said she was not aware where Paul was that night, as she was working at the hospital and left the house to the care of the baby sitter.

Paul found an unlikely alibi in Katie, who told the police when she was being interrogated, that Paul came home at about nine in the evening, and they spent the rest of the night listening to music in the study. She also claimed to have left the Spectors' residence at about 3:00 a.m.

The police, specifically Stella, were puzzled. Stella was not sure why she suspected that the babysitter was lying. But they found out something else about Paul that could tie him with one of the other women who was killed.

Katie, on the other hand, called up Spector to warn him that the police had been asking about him, and it seemed like she wanted Spector to be proud of her for lying for him. Did he like to know more? She asked if they could meet, and he arranged for when and where.

Meanwhile, the police held a press conference for Rose Stagg. Her husband pleaded for her safe return on television. They also scanned the site where they knew Paul called Stella using Rose’s phone (in the Nov. 20, 2014 episode). The investigators and forensics did their work and found tire tracks and a floral phone case. Stella was also on the site, when suddenly, she spotted a car driving by, which immediately turned back. It was Spector, and he was pissed and cursing at Stella inside the car.

Stella took note of the license plate and had the police check it. The car was not listed, so Stella asked for any reported stolen cars early that day. True enough, there was one, but it had a different plate. However, Stella was able to tie the two cars together. She knew Paul Spector had tampered with the plates.

At the meeting with Katie, Paul said that he was not the murderer the police was looking for. 

Paul: Being a serial murderer is a form of slow suicide and I’m sorry to disappoint you Katie, but that’s not my style.

But he told her he was getting quite a satisfaction and enjoyment with messing with the police. He admitted to Katie that he has done this on purpose because she saw Stella on TV and concluded that she was an “English bitch.”

Paul: The more I thought about that woman, Stella Gibson, the more I want to f*ck with her and her investigation.

Katie seemed to want to be in on it too, not even questioning Paul’s spin on why he’s messing with the police. And perhaps because Spector wanted to take advantage of her eagerness to make her feel that she was his ally, he gave her something to do. She had her sneak into his house. Did he know that the police was already watching his place and his family? Whatever Paul’s plan was, the police was sure puzzled by Katie’s odd behavior.

As Katie was doing this, Paul snuck into Stella’s hotel room. Was he getting to know his next victim? He found Stella’s diary and read some notes about her thoughts on the case, as well as other sentiments.

While this was going on, Stella was actually downstairs at the hotel bar with Reed (Archie Panjabi), and they had an odd encounter with a solicitor. The two were also flirting with each other, which Stella wanted to proceed to her hotel bed. But Reed declined the last minute.

Back in her hotel room by herself, Stella was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was her boss, Jim Burns (John Lynch), who’s had too much to drink as he was disturbed by this impending corruption case he’s sure will be brought up against him (which was in relation to his story in the first season). Because he was drunk, he propositioned to have sex with Stella, who refused his advances and ended up punching him in the nose. When Burns got to his senses, Stella helped him clean up the blood on his nose in the bathroom.

Spector, all this time, was hiding in Stella’s closet, unknown to the two. Had Burns not come to Stella’s hotel, something else would have taken place.  

Later, as Stella was rummaging through her stuff, she realized that someone had been there as the wallpaper on her laptop has changed. She drew out her gun to check, but Spector was already gone by then. However, Stella saw the note he had written on his diary.

The game between the two of them was on.

So there you have it for the recap on “The Fall” Season 2 Episode 3 “It’s Always Darkest,” which aired on Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC 2. Check out the video below for the episode highlight.

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