The Fall Recap: One Named Peter [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Fall Recap: One Named Peter [WATCH VIDEO]
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The Fall” Season 2 Episode 2 “One Named Peter” aired on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC 2. Rose Stagg remained alive, and Spector was still taunting more women. Meanwhile, the police finally caught a break. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The episode opened with a dream sequence featuring DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) who was tracking down a killer while wearing a silk dressing gown. But the man she was chasing wasn’t Spector. It was the late James Olson, whom Stella killed again in her dream. It looked like Stella was being hunted by thoughts of what has happened to her former lover, whose case still wasn’t closed.

Meanwhile, Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) was still with Rose Stagg (Valene Kane) following last week’s episode (“Walk The Line” air date: Nov. 13, 2014). He was making her write a note to leave at home, before he forcibly took her, driving to an abandoned house in her car. Rose’s six-year-old daughter saw this, while her partner was still too drunk to realize what was happening. She begged for Peter (Paul’s other name) to let her go, with no response from Spector.

The forensics got to work on the scissors the police fished out of the river, with Stella’s instructions of trying to lift fingerprints first. Stella was supposed to meet up with Rose that morning, but she was apparently a no show. She sent voice messages to her, but Rose’s phone was with Spector. She called up her partner, Tom, and later went to see him at their house when he told him that she left rather early.

At Rose’s place, the police did their investigation while Stella talked to Tom. Was anything unusual? Tom relayed that, while insignificant, her bite guard wasn’t where she would usually leave it. How come he didn’t notice Rose leaving? Tom claimed they fought, and he slept on the couch that night. Would Rose have reasons to make her angry enough to leave him? Tom did not think so.

One of the other police at the scene was talking to Rose’s six-year-old daughter Nancy to appease her, and the child mentioned that her mom’s friend, Peter, was with her last night when she left. Now they have confirmation that Rose may have been abducted by a suspect.

Jim Burns (John Lynch), Stella’s boss, however, has bad news. Someone was taking over Rose’s case. They don’t need the extra pressure if the media would find out this may be connected to the serial killings.

In the next scene, Paul was downloading something from the computer to the camera. He kept the memory card secretly stashed in a wall outlet. Later, he went to an agency to get his next case work as a bereavement counselor. But why, of all cases, did Paul receive the one that would lead him to Annie (Karen Hassan), his victim who survived?

Fortunately for Paul, Annie was suffering from temporary amnesia and did not recognize that her counselor and attacker was one and the same person. Oddly, Annie felt that she was perhaps to blame for the attack. What’s even odder was the way Spector talked to her.

Paul: Nothing you did, nothing you could ever do, would make you responsible for the events of that night. It’s down to him, and him alone.

Being a psychopath, Spector was probably loving the power he holds over this victim.

After the session, Spector got a worried call from his wife Sally (Bronagh Waugh). Their daughter was not yet home, and the babysitter may have taken her. He knew just what to do and where to find them. As he took his daughter from Katie (Aisling Franciosi) to bring home to his wife, he also gave Katie a hotel key and asked her to meet him there later. Katie had this key duplicated.

Sally was relieved he found their daughter, and the couple got to talk about Katie and their marriage.

Sally: What is wrong with her? Why does she want to hurt me?
Paul: It’s not you she wants to hurt, it’s me. The things she said to you there, they’re teenage fantasies. It wasn’t an attack, nor rape.

Sally claimed that their daughter saw them together, to which Paul said may just be the young child’s dream. Sally asked him to leave, but not before he got to talk to his daughter about Katie. When he got down from his daughter’s bedroom, he saw Sally watching a video of Katie singing a love song on YouTube. It was meant for Paul.

Clearly distraught over the betrayal of her husband, Sally declared that she will not be keeping the baby (as it was revealed in last season that she was in the early stages of pregnancy). Paul pointed out that she’s a neonatal nurse, how can she have the baby aborted? Sally said that they’re not Catholic. Why should it bother them?

Paul: My mother was Catholic.
Sally: The woman that killed herself? Abandoned you?

We now have some idea why Paul is the way he is then.

Sally also mentioned that the police was around early in the day, knocking on the doors and asking questions.

Sally: I wanted to tell them that I lied for you.
Paul: But you didn’t?
Sally: I tried, I tried really hard in Scotland. But you were cold and distant. You made no effort, Paul.

It seemed Sally has decided this marriage was over. But she still has no clue her husband the Belfast Strangler psychopath.

Later, Paul dealt with Katie back at the hotel, insisting to her again to stop talking about this attack nonsense; they were only her fantasies. She strongly suspected he’s the serial killer the police have been looking for, but in an odd way, Katie still would like him to be the man to take away her virginity. It's a dangerous game this 16-year-old was playing, and Spector was not one to be taunted; he was supposed to do the taunting. So he strangled her and then tied her up on the hotel bed and left her that way, telling Katie that this was her test.

Meanwhile, the police finally had a fingerprint match from the scissors. It was Paul Spector’s. Why was the name familiar? Stella finally tied it to this man who voluntarily went to the police to clear himself when he was spotted with his daughter in one surveillance video. But Stella was upset that the rest of her staff didn’t have due diligence to follow up on Spector’s alibis. One of them reasoned out that he seemed like a good guy, bright, likeable and helpful. He didn’t seem to have anything to hide, as a doting father, husband and bereavement counselor.

Stella: What have I been saying about such individuals since day one? They frequently appear to be charming, intelligent, charismatic…the keyword is “appear.” They have to be probed, wrong-footed, challenged.

That night, Stella received a call from Spector using Rose’s phone. He was taunting her, while Rose remained at the trunk of the car, screaming under a muffled sound.

And that’s the recap on “The Fall” Season 2 Episode 2 "One Named Peter," which aired on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on BBC 2. Check out the video highlight to the episode below.

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