The Flash Adds a New Character

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Adds a New Character

There seems to be a huge wave of superheroes coming to television this fall, and The CW has another on its way. “The Flash” has just announced that they are adding a new villain… and this one is fierce and oozing with sexiness. Read on to learn more about the new character in “The Flash.”

The role of Plastique has been revealed, and she is going to be played by Kelly Frye (“Rake”).

In the comics, Plastique, or Bette Sans Souci, wears this really tight body suit that definitely makes her foxy. Who can better play the role but Frye herself! Don’t you think so? Plastique is a terrorist based in Quebec, and she is the villain for Firestorm and one of Captain Atom’s love interests.

However, a few changes were made in the show. Plastique will not be based in Quebec.  She will be an Iraq war veteran, as well as a bomb expert in Central City’s Star Labs. This is not the villain’s first appearance as we have already seen her on “Smallville.”

Another interesting twist is that she is not really going to be a villain to Flash, but it seems like she will find an ally in him after the government tries to use her and her powers for their own good.

We cannot wait to see Frye play the role of Plastique. However, Plastique will not be introduced upfront in the pilot. She will appear on the later episodes of “The Flash.”

What do you think of Kelly Frye’s addition to “The Flash?” Is Frye perfect for the role? Share your thoughts by posting your comments below!

“The Flash” premieres this fall on The CW.

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