The Flash Season 1 Finale Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Finale Recap
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The Flash” Season 1 finale was intensely emotional. It was something that we have overlooked over the past because of the fun and upbeat cast that it has. We have forgotten, along the way, its depth and that showed in the season finale of the show, which marks this episode as the best. Read on.

There’s nothing more Barry wants than to correct the past and make his family whole again. And he did go back to the past. Of course, we all thought he’s going to save his mother, but he did not actually. What he did was to actually just hold his hands while she dies. The feels here is overwhelming.

Why didn’t he do it? Well, maybe because he likes his life now. In fact, his future self-advised him not to save his mother. Saving his mother will change things, will drive him to the unknown, which maybe he isn’t ready for. However, we all know that this choice will have something to do with his future.

Another highlight of the series finale was when Eddie sacrificed himself. He shot himself in the chest, which killed Reverse Flash. It was heartbreaking. Although his ancestor is one crazy Eobard Thawne, Eddie was a very different person. He wasn’t the bad guy – he was a good guy who loved the wrong girl. Eddie will be forever in our hearts.

Oh and Caitlin married Ronnie, which was kind of weird because she really didn’t have a plotline this episode. In fact, I thought she’s going to fall in love with Barry and it’s going to be them. Yeah, remember the awesome time that they had when they had drinks?

Anyway, there’s more for “The Flash” Season 2 and I am so excited for what’s going to happen.

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