The Flash Season 1 Recap: Crazy for You

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Crazy for You
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This is, by far, one of the best episodes of “The Flash” Season 1 because its kind of light and “touchy.” In this episode (Episode 12 “Crazy for You”), we saw Caitlin let her hair down and have some fun. It revealed her other side of Caitlin because at first impression she was the kind of “woman” who acts like a “woman.”  Oh and, of course, there were cute moments between her and Barry. I’m actually rooting for Caitlin because she and Barry look really great together. Also, a new villain was introduced this episode. Read below for the full recap.

Last week’s villain was Shauna. She is a teleporter who has the ability to teleport with others with just a touch, but she has to see where she is teleporting to. Shauna because an actual villain because she only became one for her boyfriend. She’s so in love and would do anything for her beau who’s actually a bad one and someone who’s in prison. Thanks to his “loving and caring” girlfriend (but more thanks to her power) Shauna, he managed to get out there. But their problem doesn’t end there because they have to pay their debts to the prison mob so they robbed banks.

Barry got to them but Shauna managed to teleport and Barry almost got hit by a bullet, it’s a good thing he’s got the speed. Their next encounter was in a tunnel. Shauna and her boyfriend were speeding by and she had a showdown with Barry. Barry almost lost it until he broke all the lights in the tunnel as well as Shauna’s car headlights. That way, she couldn’t see anymore and she couldn’t teleport.

And yes, they managed to get Shauna and lock her up in the S.T.A.R Labs in a room with a two-way mirror. Did I mention that her boyfriend left her the moment her boyfriend realized that they’re going to die or captured? Shauna’s really sad and even admitted to Barry that she still loves him even though he left her.

Barry’s father was in the hospital because he’s got beaten up in jail. He was fishing information for Barry and the gang. Barry wanted to know where Shauna and her boyfriend is running away from that he went into prison. He talked to the man who beat his father up and left him outside prison where surely he will be seen and will be punished for. Nice move, Barry.

So, let’s move onto Caitlin. She actually let her hair down and got drunk with Barry. He was previously let down by Iris who went out with her boyfriend instead. It was nice to see Caitlin getting drunk at a bar, singing and just having fun. And it looks like she’s got the hots for Barry. Oh Barry, why can’t you see that? Stop hanging around for Iris already and just go with Caitlin because the two of them make such a cute pair.

Meanwhile, Cisco secretly worked with the Pied Piper. He took Cisco where the blast happened. He explained to him the concept of shadow bombs. It seems like Ronnie Raymond and Victor Garber merged during the particle accelerator blast and might be sharing a body.

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