The Flash Season 1 Recap: Going Rogue

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Going Rogue
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The Flash” has introduced several villains, but none of them really have the balls to stick around. All of them were usually out for revenge, but everything changed in Episode 4 “Going Rogue.” Read on for the full recap.

The episode kicked off at S.T.A.R. labs where Barry was being tested by Dr. Wells, Cico and Caitlin. They were all letting Barry put his speed to the test through multitasking until they got news that there’s a robbery happening. Barry got to the scene, and there, he found Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller). Snart was robbing the Central City Museum and with his crew.

He removed his mask, so Barry got to see his face. It was so surprising because Snart, unlike the other robbers and other villains, was so cool. He wanted everything to go as planned and ordered his men in a very calm manner even when Barry arrived in the scene. In fact, he even got mad when his men started shooting at the guards.

It turned out that Leonard is the son of a bad cop, and he used to take out his anger on his children. His father is in prison while he continues to be a criminal mastermind. In addition, Snart was actually thrilled with the whole Barry interference, and he’s really up for wreaking havoc in town. He’s prepared to do bad things as he just recently upgraded his technology and stole some stuff from S.T.A.R. Labs. An acquaintance of him even offered him a weapon — a flame thrower — but he said he needs something that can slow down Barry. Just like that, he was presented by the freeze gun.

Meanwhile, Felicity paid Barry a visit. Barry showed her his powers and introduced her to his team. Felicity was impressed with Barry’s team, but she’s still worried that they still don’t know the extent of the lightning bolt that hit Barry and made him like what he is now. Dr. Wells reassured her that they are doing everything to protect Barry. Iris invited Felicity and Barry for a double date, but it was cut short because they got a call from Joe telling them that he saw Snart in the museum.

Cisco also found out that his freeze gun was stolen, and Wells was upset at him because he doesn’t understand why Cisco had to make a weapon like that and he also knows that it’s danger to Barry.

When Barry got to the museum, Snart shot Joe. However, Barry was able to block the shot, and this was one weakness that Snart took advantage of — Barry’s sympathy towards the innocent. So, he shot an usher, but Barry didn’t get there fast enough that the usher died.

He went back to the lab and found out about what Cisco did. Barry felt betrayed for learning that someone from his team did something like that behind his back. He was so upset, but Felicity came up to him for some pep talk, comparing Team Arrow to Team Flash that her team actually had trust issues before. That’s just how it is before a team reaches a solid foundation — all of its members start to really trust each other.

Meanwhile, Snart came back to the museum alone to steal the diamond that he desperately wants to have. Cisco was able to track where Snart is through the weapon,  and Barry sped off to his location. But before that, he removed his earpiece because he really doesn’t want to talk to all of them. Felicity got it right away and asked the whole team to follow Barry because they should always have each other’s back.

Barry met Snart at the train station. Just when Snart was about to shoot him with the freeze gun, Felicity, Cisco and Caitlin showed up. Cisco told Snart to go or else, referring to the weapon he’s holding, and so he left. It turned out that the gun was only a vacuum cleaner with a lot of LEDs attached.

Everyone made up after that, but Wells warned Cisco not to do something like that again. Barry accompanied Felicity back to her train, but before she left, they shared a kiss but with the understanding that both of them could only work out as friends, and they’re happy with that.

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