The Flash Season 1 Recap: Plastique

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Plastique
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In the latest episode of “The Flash,” Episode 5 “Plastique,” our hero met a metahuman who’s not out to get him or create havoc in the world. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode kicked off with Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Iris and Eddie at a bar having a few shots. Eddie received news that an explosion happened in an office building. He and Barry went there separately. What they didn’t know was that Iris followed because she wanted to see the streak again.

And she wasn’t disappointed because when Barry got there, he saw a window washer holding on to his dear life after the explosion. So he ran as fast as he can to get to him, and he was able to rescue him. Meanwhile, Iris confirmed her suspicions.

General Eiling showed up at the crime scene, and Barry and Joe and the rest of their team were called to investigate. However, Eiling took the evidence, but luckily, Varry was able to get a page that he found in the file room. Joe found out about his daughter’s blog on The Streak, and this got him really worried. He tried to convince her that there is no Streak, but having seen it again made Iris even more determined to push through with her blog.

Meanwhile at the S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry updated them. It turned out that Wells knows Eiling way back because he contacted him for help on gene surgeries for the soldiers, but Wells stopped their partnership because he didn’t like Eiling’s methods. On the other hand, Cisco was able to track down who was behind the explosion, and it was Bette Sans Souci, a bomb specialist from the military.

Barry immediately went to where Bette was and confronted her. However, when she touched his suit, it started to glow. Bette told him that he needs to take it off, or he’ll explode. He did what he was told, but Bette managed to escape.

Eiling wanted Bette because he wants to use her powers to blow things up just by touching them. Meanwhile, Joe went to Barry to convince him to talk to Iris about her blog. Barry did, but Iris didn’t listen to him.

They were able to track Bette again and was able to capture her. Barry brought her to the lab, and they found out that what almost killed her was actually the thing that made her who she is today. Bette wanted to get rid of her powers and even asked Barry if he wants the same, but Barry said no. While they were examining Bette, Caitlin found a tracker on her. Suddenly, Eiling barged in to get Bette. After a heated confrontation with Wells, he wasn’t able to get Bette from them.

Barry gave it another shot to talk to Iris because he found out from Joe that he already pit her name on the blog, which puts her at a greater risk. Out of desperation, he talked to Iris in his costume and told her to stop, but Iris still wouldn’t budge.

Wells has a plan. He told Bette to kill Eiling to protect herself as well as the other metahumans out there. Since the cure for Bette’s powers is not possible yet, she agreed. When she was almost about to kill Eiling, Barry stopped her. However, Eiling was fast enough to shoot Bette, and she started to glow. The good thing was Barry was able to drop her into the water before she explodes.

Eiling paid Wells another visit and said that he wants to work with him again, but Wells refused and warned him then he left. We saw Wells patting the gorilla in the lab, telling him that he has plans for him. We wonder what that is.

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