The Flash Season 1 Recap: Revenge of the Rogues

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Revenge of the Rogues
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The second half of “The Flash” finally aired, and we were introduced to Heat Wave and Barry as Central City’s hero. Read below for the recap of Episode 10 “Revenge of the Rogues.”

When the first part of the season wrapped up, we were left with the remnants of Reverse Flash. After recovering from that, they were now back to work to defeat the Man in the Yellow Suit. In fact, everyone’s feeling so positive, especially Wells, who managed to steal the tachyon device, has asked Barry to focus more on getting faster.

Leonard Snart, along with Mick Rory, planned to trap the Flash then kill him so they could make use of their weapons freely. The first thing they did was to trigger the alarm of a warehouse, but they were disappointed because the Flash didn’t come, and so they left. When the cops got there, they didn’t find anything stolen, which made Barry and Joe realize that it was a trap to lure Barry in.

Snart and Rory came up with another plan — steal the “Fire & Ice” painting from the Rathaway family, who’s coming home from Europe with the painting in tow. Once again, Wells reminded Barry of the time that he fought Cold and a lot of lives were put in danger, which is why Barry should focus on fighting Reverse Flash. Barry then talked to Joe to tell him about his decision while Joe became suspicious that it was Wells who convinced Barry to do it. It seems like Joe really doesn’t want Barry to put all of his time and energy in fighting Reverse Flash.

Just when Captain Cold and Heat Wave were about to steal the painting, Cisco’s shield worked against Cold’s gun, but it didn’t withstand Heat Wave’s, though, so the two still managed to steal the painting. Snart and Mick came up with a plan again — they want to kill the Flash. Since they realized that he cares for people, his weakness, they took Caitlin as hostage and sent a video to Flash, inviting him to settle it in town where everyone can see him.

The Flash agreed, and it was such an epic battle. With a lot of people having witnessed that event, the Flash has now been recognized as a hero.

Meanwhile, Iris was preparing for his move to Eddie’s place. We all know that Barry confessed his true feelings for her, and it made things awkward between them. However, Caitlin assured Barry that everything would be fine in the end. As for Barry, he moved in back to Joe’s place.

Caitlin figured out that “Firestorm” was a scientific study at Hudson University that’s about transmutation, so she tracked down one of the students of that research, Jason Rusch, and he told him that Professor Martin Stein published their research without the permission of the university, which was why the university shut their research program down. The professor tried to get funds from a friend, but he never heard from him since until the military showed up and stole their research.

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