‘The Flash’ Season 1 Recap: ‘Rogue Air’

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘The Flash’ Season 1 Recap: ‘Rogue Air’
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One more episode and “The Flash” Season 1 wraps up. In Episode 22 “Rogue Air,” it was a bit overwhelming because of the guest stars, which went a bit overboard. But still, we appreciate these metahumans running around trying to double-cross or even save one another. Now that the truth about Wells is out, it’s time Barry and the team resolve the whole Reverse Flash issue. Read below for the full recap.

Barry surprised viewers by asking Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold to help him out with the current situation. Oh well, drastic times call for drastic measures. Joe was really against this whole idea, but Barry insisted that they get help because they need it. Why?

Well, it turns out that what Wells opened in the previous episode is the particle accelerator. Thanks to Cisco, he found that there’s a device in Wells’ wheelchair. It turns out to be somewhat of a “charger” for Wells, and this explains why he’s so much faster than Barry.

Now that they know where Wells was, Joe, Cisco, and Barry headed straight there. But, of course, Reverse Flash was there. Barry ran up to catch him, but Wells didn’t leave without a metahuman. Peek-a-Boo was left with Cisco and Joe to handle. Just when she was about to attack Caitlin, Iris showed up in time and knocked her out with a pipe.

They found Eddie, and after Barry apologized for not finding him, Iris took him home. Cisco then discovered that the particle accelerator will be completely charged in 36 hours. The metahumans are still inside the lab. When the accelerator gets fully charged, it might blow it up and make things worse. Barry suggested that they move the metahumans to Oliver’s prison on Lian Yu. Joe disagreed but Barry doesn’t see any better way. So he went to Oliver, but he wasn’t able to reach him. He asked Lyla and she agreed to arrange a plane for the transport of the metahumans. However, the CCPD can’t back them up, so Barry, left with no choice, went straight to Oliver.

Oliver agreed in exchange for Barry to delete all information about him in the world. Barry agrees. Come on, he’s really desperate here! It just shows how compassionate Barry is.

Barry later on realized how stupid it was to trust Snart because he sabotaged the escape. The metahumans also got into some trouble while being transported. Deathbolt almost hit Barry, but Captain Cold came to the rescue. It turns out that the reason why he sabotaged the plan is because he wanted to increase the ranks of his Rogues Gallery. He also wants all of them so everyone will owe him a favor. Wrong move, Barry.

Meanwhile, the particle accelerator was fully charged, and Wells walked into the lab. Barry was there to confront him, but Wells was not bothered because he knows he’s faster than Barry. However, what he didn’t see coming was that Firestorm and Oliver were there to help Barry out. They finally caught Wells.

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