The Flash Season 1 Recap: The Flash is Born

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: The Flash is Born
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In the latest episode of “The Flash,” Episode 6 "The Flash is Born," we were taken on the topic of bullies as Barry meets once again the person who bullied him way back. Read below for the full recap.

Iris still continues to write on her blog about The Streak that she’s been seeing, and Barry tried to stop her, but again, she wouldn’t budge. However, he got distracted when he got on a high-speed chase and met another metahuman with the ability to turn skin into solid metal. Barry was caught off guard, and he wasn’t successful the first time he tackled him.

Injured but healing, he pondered who the metahuman was because he looks familiar. Then it finally dawned on him that he is Tony Woodward — the kid who used to bully him when he was still a child. He shared his memories of Woodward to Caitlin and Cisco, and Cisco then showed them a robotic metallic boxer that goes under the name of Girder to train Barry.

Woodward was still pursuing robbery, and Barry took the chance to take a sample of metal shavings from it and bring it over to the lab. They discovered that Woodward became what he is because he fell into molten scrap.

Meanwhile, Woodward tried to ask Iris out on a date, and he showed his powers to her and Iris wrote on her blog that The Streak should watch out for Woodward. Woodward found out about this, and he pursued her even more. Barry was able to track where he was hiding, but Woodward got to him first, and he lost again.

Woodward then kidnapped Iris, and she tried to go along with him. Then she turned the fire alarm on and managed to escape. Joe sent Barry to Iris, and he was able to save him. Then Round 3 began. Finally, Barry was able to defeat him, and he sent him over to their metahuman prison. Surprisingly, he revealed himself to Woodward.

Joe seek Wells because he thinks that Barry’s abilities have already happened before, so he asked Wells if someone like Barry have already existed, considering the death of his mother where there was also the Streak. Wells looked really uncomfortable, which was pretty weird, so Joe told him his theory that there was another particle accelerator back then, and he asked when Wells came to town. What Wells didn't know is that Joe already knew when he came to town — it was a month after the murder of Barry’s mom. Wells felt offended by this, but Joe apologized, and Wells told him to ask Tess Morgan if he wants answers.

Joe went home, and then suddenly, a yellow streak surrounded him and left him a message on the wall — Iris’ picture with a knife through the heart.

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