The Flash Season 1 Recap: Things You Can’t Outrun

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Flash Season 1 Recap: Things You Can’t Outrun
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Another metahuman is out in Episode 3 “Things You Can’t Outrun” on “The Flash.” Missed it? We have the full recap for you.

The episode opened with Barry and Iris watching a zombie movie, but this wasn’t a date.  They only went out as friends. After the movie, Barry witnessed a criminal on the loose, and he immediately grabbed him and tied him at the back of the cop car. He did all of these at such speed that Iris didn’t even notice that he was missing for too long. Of course, the cops took all the credit once again from Barry’s heroic action.

The scene changed to the Darbinyan family who was having dinner when suddenly, a thick green fog came out of nowhere and poisoned all of them. Joe was called to the scene as well as Barry to investigate. They found a box that is full of evidence. But before they can delve into that, they were so bothered by the poisonous gas. Barry came to the conclusion that the gas was being controlled by someone, so they took it to the lab for a more thorough investigation. Meanwhile, the S.T.A.R labs was being transformed into a prison for the metahumans that they might capture.

Once again, Caitlin and Barry identified the gas, and they also headed to the police station. While they were there, Barry asked Caitlin about Ronnie, her fiancé, and also the one who engineered the particle accelerator. Surprisingly, Caitlin talked about Ronnie, and she even told Barry that she blames herself for her fiance’s death.

They found DNA strands on the gas sample that Barry brought, and they were surprised to find out that the gas is the metahuman himself. Its powers is to transform himself into gas. When they realized this, the guy turned into gas and got inside an elevator and killed the judge who sentenced him to death. Caitlin tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen and ran away.

We saw Joe watching the video of Barry’s father being interrogated, while Iris and Eddie temporarily broke up because Iris didn’t want her father to know just yet about them. Of course, this disappointed Eddie.

Barry tried to fight the metahuman, the Mist, but he wasn’t successful at first. He was able to inhale some of the gas, and it formed in his lungs. Thanks to his super powers, he can heal on his own. Barry went to Joe to give him details about the gas. Once again, Joe gave him another piece of advice — there are certain things that he can fight, while there are some that he just simply can’t and just have to live with.

Barry found out who’s the metahuman — Kyle Nimbus — who was a hitman for the Darbinyans. He also found out that it was Joe West on the case, and he’s pretty sure now that Nimbus is done with the judge, he’s coming after Joe. Joe was on his way to see Barry’s father, and he’s going to tell him that he’s now willing to reopen the case and work on it to help him get out of prison. However, Nimbus got to him first. Barry arrived just in time to save Joe, but he was hospitalized because he still got poisoned. Barry was also able to capture Nimbus, and he put him in the S.T.A.R Labs. Cisco tried to tell Caitlin something about the explosion, but Caitlin didn’t listen and shut him up by saying that she’s fine now.

We got a flashback a couple of months ago when the particle accelerator exploded, Ronnie shut down the main valve. He told Cisco to seal the door just in case things go wrong. We didn’t see what happened to Ronnie, but it seems like Cisco did something wrong or is guilty of something. Caitlin heard Ronnie calling Cisco. It turned out that Ronnie sacrificed himself by redirecting the blast upwards. Wells heard about this, so he went to Barry to watch him transform through a hidden camera. Something is definitely up!

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