The Flash Season 3: Revelations To Expect Next Season

By Nica | 2 years ago
The Flash Season 3: Revelations To Expect Next Season
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Flash | Grant Gustin is “The Flash.”

The Flash Season 3 will be different as the timeline will be changed. Barry Allen wants to escape the pains of the present by going back to the past but it might not turn out the way he expected.

Barry will be contented seeing her parents alive so he will be tempted to just set aside his powers. But this might not last long because trouble keeps on following him whenever, wherever. Fans are already excited to know how The Flash Season 3 will turn out.

Here are some spoilers for the upcoming season.

New Characters who are potential villains

New faces will be coming to the show next season. Reports reveal that Susan Walters will be part of the third season as the biomedical engineering expert mother of Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). Though no confirmation has been made, the actress is a potential villain for Barry.

It has also been reported earlier that two new villains will be featured in The Flash Season 3. One is a speedster and a creepy guy who will be standing on his way.

Speculations have been going around that the speedster named Savitar will be featured in the next season. But executive producer Greg Berlanti debunked the reports, as per Comicbook.

Barry loses some of his memories

As the speedy superhero stays in the new timeline, he slowly forgets some of his memories about the original timeline which would cause him trouble. He really needs to go back to the present before it is too late but this might not happen right away because of his attachment to his parents.

Barry and Iris romantic scenes

It seems like Barry and Iris are really meant for each other. Despite the change in timeline, they always end up together. Recent leaked set photos reveal Grant Gustin and Candice Patton kissing.

Viewers will see more romantic scenes from the two when The Flash Season 3 returns on television this Oct. 4.

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Photo: Facebook | The Flash

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