The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Tom Felton Talks Julian Dorn’s Relationship With Barry Allen

By Tanya D. | 2 years ago
The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Tom Felton Talks Julian Dorn’s Relationship With Barry Allen
PHOTOGRAPH: CW The Flash Instagram | Tom Felton as Julian Dorn in The Flash Season 3

Tom Felton teased what to expect from Barry Allen and Julian Dorn’s relationship in The Flash Season 3. He hinted that Julian and Barry start off in the wrong foot but eventually get to know each other very well.

Tom Felton confirmed that he plays the forensic expert Julian Dorn at the Central City Police Department. He teased that when The Flash Season 3 opens, his character and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will “slightly have an abrasive relationship.” Felton said that this is to be expected given that both Barry and Julian share the same passion for their job.

However, the actor teased that the events in Season 1 changed Barry’s relationships. In Flashpoint, the speedster no longer maintains the same relationships he had. This means that he, Iris and Joe West are no longer a family. Likewise, Barry is not Joe’s partner as what Joe told him in the San Diego Comic Con trailer for The Flash Season 3.

A lot has changed since Barry traveled to the past to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash. He also changed his past. Tom Felton said that none of Barry Allen’s relationships in Season 1 is the same in Season 3.

This includes Julian Dorn. The character may be a newcomer in the series. However, Felton hinted that he and Barry already know each other well. They may even be friends. Only Barry does not know this since he is a newcomer to this alternate timeline in the Flashpoint paradox.

“He’s not familiar with me, but I’m familiar with him, so it’s an odd dynamic. It seems like a love/hate thing at first,” Tom Felton told SciFiNow when asked about Julian Dorn in The Flash Season 3.

In The Flash Season 3, Julian Dorn also suspects that there is something about Barry Allen other than his good guy image. Perhaps he starts to suspect that the Barry he knows comes from another timeline. Will he also discover that Barry and The Flash are one?

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