The Following Renewed for Season 3: Kevin Williamson Steps Down from Running the Show

By Jacqueline Gutierrez | 3 years ago
The Following Renewed for Season 3: Kevin Williamson Steps Down from Running the Show
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“The Following” has been renewed for Season 3, according to a report from Variety. FOX is reportedly renewing “The Following” after mixed reviews and feedbacks from the audience. Meanwhile, Kevin Williamson will step down from running the show. Deadline reported that Jennifer Johnson will take over Williamson’s duties in “The Following” Season 3.

“The Following” executive producer and creator Kevin Williamson will remain as the executive producer of the show. However, Williamson will focus on the CBS drama “Stalker.”

“The Following” is a serial thriller story about an FBI agent named Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) who is looking for ways on how to capture Joe Carroll (James Purefoy).  The latter escaped from prison and has made himself stronger by gathering his followers and turning them into a cult of serial killers. The FBI discovers that the cult’s plan is to free Joe Carroll so that he can be reunited with his ex-wife Claire Matthews (Natalie Zea). Carroll’s son Joey Matthews (Kyle Catlett) was abducted by Joe’s followers as well. Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) and Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) assist Ryan in his quest to stop Joe and his minions from wreaking havoc and harming other people in the process.

While waiting for “The Following” Season 3, here’s a look back at the show’s Season 2, including its finale “Forgive” (Episode 15).

“The Following” Season 2 opened with another cult led by Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen) and her twin sons Mark and Luke (Sam Underwood). They exerted all their efforts into making Joe Carroll come out in the open when the others believed that Joe’s already dead.

The odd couple Joe and Ryan made the viewers think more when they worked together to save Claire.

A totally different scenario was when Claire said that she is all in Ryan’s past. And then Joe asked Claire for her forgiveness, hence the name of the finale episode “Forgive.”

We saw Max and Mike kiss (at last!).  As for Mark, he just might have this obsession about serial killing. He’ll probably make the FBI move on their feet again in “The Following” Season 3.

A lot of people also died in Season 2, including Mark’s twin brother Luke. Fans of the show are surely wondering who is the person Mark called for help. With all of his family dead and his heart full of anger and seeking revenge, who else could he turn to? Is it someone in Joe’s cult? But, most of Joe’s group died in “The Following” Season 1 and 2.

Will there be another cult group or will Joe recruit some more people in “The Following” Season 3? And, will the Ryan – Claire – Joe love triangle still be there? Or will there be a completely different love story? So many questions left unanswered!

Of course, there’s going to be a lot of unexpected twist and turns in the next season. We’ll find out all about it come season 3 of “The Following.”

“The Following” airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Don’t miss Season 3 and find out what will happen to Ryan, Joe, Claire, Max, Mark, Annie and Mike. For more updates about “The Following,” as well as other entertainment news, check out Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.


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