The Fosters Recap: The End of the Beginning

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Fosters Recap: The End of the Beginning
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“The Fosters” ends season 2 with the episode entitled, “The End of the Beginning,” which aired on Mar. 23, 2015 on ABC Family. Read on for the full recap on “The Fosters” Season 2 Episode 21.

Brandon learns that he needs to give up his room for six weeks for Ana. Ana tells Mariana that when she was young, she used to dance to music. Lena looks envious.

Callie visits Robert and sees Sophia. She tells Callie that she’s happy to be home. Sophia tells Callie about her personality disorder. Robert comes in and introduces her grandfather. His wife, Monica exclaims that she and Robert look alike.

Robert Sr. thinks that Sophia will have a hard time now that Callie’s back. Sophia insists it’s fine and he tells her she used to kill herself over that. Robert asks him to stop. He thinks Robert should let Callie stay where she’s happy.

Robert talks to Callie. He apologizes for his dad’s behavior. She asks him not to blame himself and that she’ll always be her dad. She tells him that she’s with the Fosters. Robert receives a call and finds out Callie wants to be emancipated.

He drops Callie home. She tells Stef and Lena about what happened. Stef tells her it’s going to be okay.

Jude sees a bottle of nail polish at home and wears it on. He pays Connor a visit at the hospital. On the way to Connor’s room, he sees Connor’s dad. Jude tells him he’s not leaving until he sees him.

Lena receives a call from Connor’s dad. She rushes to the hospital and Adam asks her to leave with Jude or he’ll call security. Lena tries to comfort Jude. He tells her that he’s not his friend; they already kissed. Lena tries to talk to Adam. He tells her he doesn’t want Connor to be gay. He eventually allows Jude inside Connor’s room. Connor sees his nails.

Ana looks around the house. Mariana sees her and calls her. Ana opens up about her past. She’s glad that Mariana was raised by Stef and Lena. She feels the baby kicking. Someone rings the bell; she says it’s her grandmother. She heads downstairs, but trips over Jesus’ skateboard. Jesus opens the door and Ana’s parents ask for her. They wonder if they could make it up to her by taking care of the baby. Ana tells them it’s too late.

Jesus talks to Mariana. He tells her that Ana wants to keep the baby, but she’s holding back because of her. Mariana tries to avoid the topic.

The next morning, Lou pays Brandon a visit. She tells him she received an offer and invites him to go to their tour. His dad, on the other hand, was waiting for him with the school representative. Brandon arrives and plays his piece.

Lena opens up to Monte. She thinks she’s not ready to have Ana’s baby. She thinks it’s causing her marriage to fall apart and cries. Monte comforts her then kisses her.

At the dance competition, the others wonder if Mariana can pull it off with her injury. Turns out, Mariana had a backup plan. She projected another dancer to complete the team from her computer. The audience went wild.

Stef receives a call and asks her to bring Callie with her. At the judge’s office, Robert tells them he already signed the papers and that he’s withdrawing his suit for custody.

Ana brings Mariana and Jesus home. She asks if she wants to keep the baby. She suddenly pulls off and tells them she’s in pain. Mariana and Jesus argue on who should drive to the hospital. Ana tells them she can still drive. On the way to the hospital, she stops. She thinks she’s having the baby. Mariana encourages her side, but she blocks her side view and a car crashes into them.

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