The Fosters Season 3 Episode 2: ‘Father’s Day’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Fosters Season 3 Episode 2: ‘Father’s Day’
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“The Fosters” Season 3 Episode 2 titled, “Father’s Day” aired on Monday, June 15, 2015 on ABC Family.

As seen on the last episode of “The Fosters,” Brandon attended summer camp and was listed as a composer. Mariana wanted to make love with her boyfriend, but ended up doing it with another man at the beach. Callie made a mistake letting a man named AJ sleep at the center. Read last week’s episode recap here.

The latest episode of “The Fosters” kicks off with everyone getting caught up with a plumbing issue in the bathroom.

Downstairs, Callie tells Jude about Robert’s invitation to spend dinner with him. They begin arguing about Robert and Donald. Stef and Lena stop them from arguing and Callie reminds Jude not to feel disappointed when Donald doesn’t show up.

At summer camp, Brandon listens to Kat play his piece. She criticizes his work and asks him to make another one. Later that night, Tony invites him for a drink. But he refuses.

Tony insists that he take a break. He sees Kat who asks him to go with him for a couple of shots and they play the piano together. She thinks he’s fun.

The next morning, Brandon wakes up late. The instructor asks him to play the piece he wrote. Turns out, Kat only wanted to get rid of him.

Mariana visits her grandparents at the bakery and hands over a gift for Isabella. She invites Mariana to celebrate Father’s Day with them.

Callie’s talking to Sofia who asks about AJ. She receives a call from AJ, who turns out to be at the center. He tells her that he was arrested and asks for her help. He asks her to go to the skate park.

Later on, Sofia apologizes to her and Callie invites her to go to the skate park. At the park, Callie sees a bat signal on the wall. Callie visits AJ at the correctional center with Stef. He tells her about his brother named Ty.

Callie spends her day with Robert and the rest of the family. She hands him a gift; it’s a photo she took on her own. Jill puts a croissant on Sofia’s plate, but she argues that she can’t take her meds if she doesn’t have an empty stomach. Later on, Sofia airs her worries to Callie and asks her to talk to Jill, but she arrives and asks her directly.

Jill and Robert tell Sofia and Robert about their separation. Sofia asks them questions but Callie answers on their behalf.

Stef tells Mike and Lena about AJ. She wonders if he could be his foster parent for the meantime.

Mariana is having second thoughts about attending the party. Ana sees her and she admits that she feels embarrassed to enter. Mariana tells Ana about what happened at the beach. Mariana wonders if she should tell Callie about it. Mariana and Ana decide to enter the party together.

Donald arrives at home. Jude greets him and assures him that Connor and Adam don’t know anything about him being in prison. Connor and Adam arrive at the doorstep and Connor asks him not to say anything about their relationship.

Over meals, Brandon comes in late and greets Alex. They make a toast. Lena thinks Brandon could use a nap. Mike takes him upstairs and lectures him about drinking. He asks for his opinion about fostering a kid but Brandon has already fallen asleep.

Adam helps Lena with the dishes. He brings up about Jude and Connor going public about their relationship. He finds out that the entire school knows about them. He confronts Jude and Connor in front of Donald. Donald speaks up and tells him that getting bullied at home is worse.

When alone, Donald tells Jude that it’s fine if he doesn’t want anyone to know about his past. Jude asks to stay in touch. On the way out, he sees Callie and Robert. Donald leaves and Jude reminds Callie that Donald was there for her when Robert wasn’t.

Robert talks to Callie. He tells her that everyone makes mistakes. He admits that he was unfaithful, which is why him and Jill had to separate. He thinks he’s not any better than Donald.

Callie runs after Donald. She greets him Happy Father’s Day and he hugs her.

Mike talks to AJ. AJ tells him about his parents. Mike tells him that his brother doesn’t have any records in the system. AJ wonders if he’s dead.

Everyone’s gathered at the dinner table. The kids give Stef and Lena a bouquet of flowers.

The next morning, Callie arrives at home and sees AJ and Mike. Mike tells her about fostering AJ, but he will have to stay with them while he waits for his license.

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