The Fosters Season 3 Premiere Recap: Is Jesus Alive?

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
The Fosters Season 3 Premiere Recap: Is Jesus Alive?
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The Fosters” Season 3 premiere episode titled, “Wreckage” aired on Monday, June 8, 2015 on ABC Family. read on for more details.

“The Fosters” Season 3 premiere episode kicks off with a flashback to three weeks ago from the time of the accident. Stef sees their SUV at the scene and Jesus and Ana’s bodies being taken away. Mariana is well and points towards Jesus’ body. She wakes up from her nightmare next to Lena.

Downstairs, Lena hugs Stef. Stef tells her that she misses Jesus. Then, she tries calling him. Mariana arrives and takes the phone from Lena. Stef and Lena check up on Brandon and remind him to drive safely.

Mariana gives Callie the phone and leaves. Stef is about to leave when Lena asks her to talk. Lena thinks she should not be investigating the accident. Stef wants to get down on it and find out who caused the accident. She leaves with Mike.

In school, Jude tells Connor they should keep their relationship private. Later on, Connor’s ex approaches him and asks why she broke up with him.

At Ana’s home, Mariana is watching TV with Ana when the baby (Isabella) cries. Ana wonders if Stef and Lena are mad at her for keeping the baby. Mariana assures her that they’re not.

Callie arrives at the center. She starts organizing some stuff when a man named AJ arrives. She offers him food. She then asks about his drawing. He tells her about his brother.

Brandon arrives at Idyllwild Crest. He begins interacting with a woman named Ekaterina. Upon registration, he finds out he was not listed as a pianist, but was put under composer. Tony introduces himself and tells him he’s also a composer. Brandon thinks there’s something wrong and approaches Terry. She tells him that she heard his piece.

Brandon is playing the piano. Ekaterina approaches him and praises his performance. She tells him there’s nothing bad about being a composer. In class, the professor tells them that the winner will be performing at Disney Hall and starts announcing the teams. Brandon gets paired with Kat. She muses that she should not be partnered with an amateur.

Stef begins investigating the accident. The man mentions about his son and she asks for his contact details. Later on, she begins interrogating the man’s son, but Mike thinks he’s innocent.

Lena and Monte are discussing school matters when Monte invites her to a conference. Lena hesitates and Monte begins to clarify what happened between them. Monte tells her she’s straight and that the kiss was nothing.

The next day at the center, Callie sees AJ running away after spending the night.

Mariana sees Ana holding the baby. Ana tells her that she needs some time alone with the baby. Mariana leaves and talks to Callie. She thinks it’s time to make love with Mat. Callie talks to Brandon when she sees AJ. He tells her he ran away from his foster family. He went there to meet his brother, but he never showed up. She helps him and lets him sleep at the center.

Someone approaches Jude and Connor and asks if they’re both gay. Connor tells him he’s right. Jude gets mad at him and tells him he’s not gay. He walks away. Connor runs after him. He asks if he doesn’t like him anymore. Jude explains himself. He says he doesn’t want to be called names anymore.

Mariana tells Mat that it’s time for them to make love and shows him the condom. Mat thinks it’s not right to do it the first time this way. He kisses her and leaves. Mariana ends up disappointed. It was when she sees someone and he offers her a drink. She touches his hair and flirts with him. They kiss.

Brandon approaches Lou. He tells her about his time at the camp. She tells him that he’s a good composer.

Stef sees Lena at the beach when she breaks down. She tells her that she was scared. Lena comforts her. She runs into Monte at the party and tells her that she can’t go to the conference.

The next day, Lena thinks they should take a trip together. Downstairs, Stef sees a leak in the ceiling and they realize they don’t have any more funds for the trip.

Callie checks on Mariana and asks if she did it with Mat. Mariana says yes. Callie asks to tell her about the details when she comes back and leaves.

At the center, Callie starts looking for AJ and she sees the spray paints taken. She confesses to Rafael that she let someone sleep for a night. Rafael tells her she’s fired.

Brandon returns to camp and tells Kat that will not back away so easily.

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