The Game Recap: Episode 2

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Game Recap: Episode 2
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The Game” Season 1 Episode 2 aired last Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on BBC America. In this episode, the MI5 team dealt with Tom Mallory (Steven Mackintosh), the second sleeper agent that defector Colonel Arkady (Marcel Iuris) had to reactivate. During the course of seeing how things would play out with Tom, the MI5 team discovered that Tom’s assignment would lead to dire consequences in the future. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The beginning of the episode featured Colonel Arkady (Marcel Iuris), a Russian who had defected to the United Kingdom. He was worried about whether or not this dead letter drop meeting would be a trap laid out by the Russians for him in which he might end up dead. However, Detective Constable Jim Fenchurch (Shaun Dooley), the Special Branch police liaison to the special committee tasked to Arkady, reassured him that he would arrest anyone who tried to shoot him. MI5 Agent Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes) then took up his position at the park bench in order to protect and watch over Arkady as he went to the dead letter drop in the men’s bathroom. As soon as Arkady entered the men’s bathroom, a man reading a newspaper on the bench opposite to Joe’s entered. Joe followed him and looked for Arkady as soon as the other man had left the same stall that Arkady had been in. Before he handed over the next set of instructions to Joe, he started to worry that he might not be as protected as Joe had hinted. Arkady then revealed that he did not really care whether the horrors of the Soviet Union would be brought to the United Kingdom or not. Joe then told him that all of them joined the game for different reasons. He told her to always remember what exactly had made him join them so that they could see the entire thing through.

Meanwhile, at a tunnel under a bridge, Alan Montag (Jonathan Aris), the MI5 technician, played a conversation that he had accidentally recorded after a meeting of the special committee to the head of MI5, Daddy (Brian Cox). According to the tape, Bobby Waterhouse (Paul Ritter), the head of counter-espionage, told someone that he was worried about Daddy. This was the exact conversation that Bobby had with Joe in the previous episode, right after the first meeting of the special committee under Daddy. Daddy then thanked Alan and told him not to mention it to anyone.

At the MI5 headquarters, they informed Daddy that the sleeper agent Arkady was to reactivate was a man named Thomas “Tom” Mallory (Steven Mackintosh). He had been in the Navy and currently had a desk job at the Ministry of Defense (MOD).  Arkady was to greet Tom and to give him a message which contained the name and number of Valerie Parkwood (Emma Fielding), the Secretary to the Prime Minister. They then started to worry as she might also be a sleeper agent waiting to be reactivated. However, this seemed unlikely as Arkady was the only one who was supposed to do that. Bobby then informed them that Tom had been arrested the night before for beating up a prostitute named Alice. This was not the first time that he had done that, but it was the first time that any of his women pressed charges against him. Daddy then instructed MI5 Agent Sarah Montag (Victoria Hamilton) to run the entire thing and to use Joe for all face to face. Once Arkady reactivated Tom, they were to follow him and see how everything played out. Alan would make sure that Valerie’s place was bugged, and Bobby was to get Tom released. Daddy then reminded them that this was a chance to make up for what had happened with David Hexton, the first sleeper agent that Arkady had activated.

After the meeting, Bobby stayed behind to talk to Daddy. He wondered why Sarah was placed in charge instead of him. Daddy then told him that he wanted him to find time to find himself and someone else, as it seemed like Bobby was going to end up as a confirmed Old Bachelor. When Bobby protested, Daddy reassured him that he knew exactly where his loyalties lay.

After Joe reported to Sarah that Arkady had reactivated Tom, he informed her that the man who had killed the agent in Poland, codenamed Odin, was a part of Operation Glass. Sarah was upset that Joe had not confided in her sooner as it presented a conflict of interest. Sarah would not anymore be sure if Joe would remain objective and if he would sacrifice the mission for his own personal vendetta. However, Joe reassured her that he would not let it get in the way of things, as pursuing Odin and Operation Glass both ended up with them capturing Odin.

He then remembered that he had promised Yulia (Zana Marajanovic), his agent in Poland, that he would take care of her. He taught her some chalk signals that would alert them as to when a letter had been left in the dead drop and when it had been picked up. He had also instructed her to draw an “X” on the wall if she felt that she was in any kind of danger.

He then paid a visit to Alice, the prostitute that Tom had beaten up, and tried to convince her to drop the charges against Tom. However, she refused to budge.

The next day, Tom called Valerie up and asked her if she was free to meet up that evening at 7:00 p.m. in order to catch up with each other. While Valerie got ready for her date, Alan and Joe got comfortable in another room, as that was where Alan’s equipment was in order to listen and record whatever happened between the two.

When Tom got there, he immediately asked Valerie about the Letter of Last Resort that Valerie had typed for the Prime Minister. It contained his decision whether to retaliate or not in the event of a nuclear strike. As she refused to divulge the information, as it would be treason, Tom began to hit her, and kept on asking her what it said. He then told her that he would hurt her two young nephews if she did not tell him what it contained and hit her again. At this, Joe ran towards Valerie’s flat, only to discover that Tom was long gone. After introducing himself to Valerie, she told him that she had told him what the Letter of Last Resort contained.  

Meanwhile, Daddy visited the dressing room of his favorite Chinese ballerina after her performance, where he told her that he was disillusioned about his job. He was not surrounded by the charming and gallant men that he thought the MI5 would have and that it seemed like his work was not a privilege as he had thought it would be.

Back at the MI5 headquarters, later that night, the special committee met in order to discuss what had just happened. There, Daddy and the other were informed that in the Letter of Last Resort, the Prime Minister had instructed that there would be no retaliation in the event of a nuclear strike. Because of this, Sarah realized that Operation Glass might be a preemptive nuclear strike against the United Kingdom. Because of this, Moscow should never come to know this particular plan. Even if it was true that the situation might be contained at the moment, as the only way Tom could contact Moscow was through Arkady, it was also possible that Tom had other networks in the United Kingdom which he could activate and use. Because of this, they had to move as quickly as they could. Daddy then instructed Bobby to monitor all chatter from all networks in order to see if Moscow had already acted on this information, while Tom, Sarah and Jim focused on finding Tom. Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrie), the committee's secretary, then volunteered to help Bobby out. Tom would also talk to Alice again in case Tom had mentioned to her any place that he could have gone or might go to. After the meeting, Sarah and Bobby confirmed with Daddy that they should utilize everything in their power to prevent Tom from contacting Moscow. Daddy then told Sarah to brief Joe regarding this so that they would be prepared for everything.

At Alice’s place, she informed Joe that she knew that Tom was a member of a particular posh strip club. He had left a matchbox with the club’s logo at her place. Joe then instructed her to go to that club and to leave a message for Tom. The message said that two Russians were at Alice’s place and that they wanted to meet him there at 11:00 p.m. as they wanted to learn what he had learned from Valerie. Joe reassured Alice that once he got there, they would arrest him. After Alice agreed to help them out, Alan, Sarah and Jim came over to help set up for Tom’s arrival.

Back at the MI5 headquarters, Wendy informed Bobby that so far, there had been no new information or strange chatter regarding a Soviet attack. She then revealed to Bobby that Daddy had promoted her as assistant to his permanent secretary. She was filling in for the regular assistant who was currently on maternity leave. Because of the fact that it was possible that a nuclear strike may happen anytime, she asked Bobby if she should tell anyone or call her family. Bobby told her that she could not tell anybody about what they knew but that she could call up her family to say hello. After she left, Bobby decided to call his mother, who insensitively told him to get off the phone.

While Tom and the others were at Alice’s, Arkady called the MI5 headquarters. He had just heard some news from Moscow. Wendy, who had answered the phone, immediately relayed this information to Bobby, who, despite being the head of counter-espionage, decided to go. However, at the Olympic Hotel, Arkady and Tom’s meeting place, Wendy locked Bobby in the bathroom of the room, as his face could not be seen by anyone else. At first, Arakady was reluctant to share his information with Wendy. He was only supposed to talk to Joe, but she was able to convince him that she was trustworthy.

Bobby and Wendy then went over to Alice’s place in order to inform Sarah and Joe. Moscow wanted to meet up with Tom the next morning at 6:00 a.m. at the Grand Union Canal under the Westway. This showed them that Moscow was still using Arkady to pass along messages to their sleeper agents in the United Kingdom. Joe and Sarah then decided to continue on with their plan.

A little while later, as Tom was approaching, Alice insisted that she be the one to bring Tom upstairs. The plan might fail if Joe and the others were already seen at the entrance. However, Joe, Sarah and Jim rushed down the stairs, as they realized that Alice had taken a knife from one of the plates in the room in an attempt to kill Tom. Thankfully, they were able to stop her and brought Tom up to Alice’s flat to be questioned. However, as Tom refused to cooperate, Jim and Joe started to carry him out of the room. They were going to stage his death to look like a suicide. Because of this, Tom decided to cooperate. He then informed them that Moscow’s last task for him before they had gone silent was to find out the contents of the Letter of Last Resort from Valerie, which was why he had cultivated a relationship with her. However, he had stopped seeing her. He was told by Odin to stand down for a while as they had to fix some things first before going ahead with the plan. He also informed them that he had not told anybody about what he had learned from Valerie.

Upon hearing this, Joe asked Tom if he would be willing to work with them if they gave him a better offer as he was planning on using him to get to Odin. Because of this, Sarah pulled Joe outside and told him to stop. He was putting his own agenda before the mission. However, Joe reasoned that they could use him to get to the heart of things because if he was arrested or killed, then Moscow would know that they knew about Operation Glass, which would cause the Russians to go back into the shadows, thereby mlosing their advantage. He also knew that since Operation Glass seemed to be working in parts and pieces, the operation would culminate in a series of events and not in one big strike. And in any case, Tom would be wired for the meet up, and they would have agents on standby, just in case.

Meanwhile, back at the MI5 headquarters, Bobby visited Wendy in her quarters inside the building. He invited her to have a drink with him in order to celebrate her promotion because Joe and the others were able to get Tom. There, he tried to sleep with her, but before he could do anything, Wendy stopped him. It would be awkward when it came to work and that she would always choose work over that. Bobby then apologized and told her to make up for the fact that her quarter there were not so great by inviting her to live with him and his mother, as his house was big. He then reassured her that people would not talk about them, as she was worrying about that.

The next morning, everyone took their positions as Tom waited to be approached by his Russian contact. However, he double-crossed them as he told his contact that they knew everything.

They were able to chase them to an abandoned structure. Before going inside, Jim told Joe to do everything that he had to do to stop Tom from telling Moscow the contents of the Letter of Last Resort. Joe managed to shoot the Russian contact and hesitated in shooting Tom. He told Joe that he could lead him to Odin. However, Joe decided to put the mission ahead of this personal agenda and shot Tom dead.

Afterward, Joe, remembering how Yulia had been killed by Odin’s men, went to his flat, where he reminisced and drank.

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