The Game Recap: Episode 3

By Kitin Miranda | 4 years ago
The Game Recap: Episode 3
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The Game” Season 1 Episode 3 aired last Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on BBC America. In this episode, after following the newest activated KGB sleeper agent, Katharine “ Kate” Wilkinson, they discovered that the KGB might have some important information regarding a United States Military base in the United Kingdom. However, they later learned that all is not what it seemed, which led to a game-changing realization for the team. Meanwhile, Daddy (Brian Cox) set about on a mission of his own — to aid and oversee the defection of his favorite Chinese ballerina. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, a flashback of MI5 Agent Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes) showing his agent, Yulia (Zana Marjanovic), his apartment. The flat wasn’t much as it contained only the essentials. He asked her to stay and told her that his real name was Joe. They kissed passionately afterwards.

Back in the present day, he showed Daddy (Brian Cox) a newspaper. Their double agent, Colonel Arkady Malinov (Marcel Iures), had been signaled once again to activate an agent. They both knew that based on what happened to the previous KGB sleeper agent that Arkady had activated, there were two possible scenarios. The first was that they had bought the story of Tom Mallory’s, the previous sleeper agent that had been activated, suicide. This would lead them to discover who else was involved in Operation Glass, especially as Mallory had called the plan a constellation of the stars, which meant that there had to be more agents waiting to be activated in order for their plan to work. The second scenario was that they hadn’t bought Mallory’s suicide, and the new name was merely a trap or a setup. However, Daddy decided to go through with it.

Arkady’s instructions were a little bit different this time though. He would activate the agent while she was at the Bird of Happiness at 1:00 p.m. There, with Joe and Sarah Montag (Victoria Hamilton) watching, she received a message that read “Detained by bears.” They then noticed that the agent, Katharine “Kate” Wilkinson, a personal assistant to the head of a woman’s clothing importer, was not rattled by the message and acted like a professional, as she was very careful. To their surprise, they saw that she had met up with Hank Chambers, the United States’ Defense attache, who took care of all American activity in the United Kingdom. This man was her lover, and it seemed as if they had been seeing each other for quite a time.  She then managed to get herself as his guest at a reception that he would be attending the previous day.

They were then tasked to find out what was going to happen the next night. She had found it important, without alerting Chambers. The next day, while Detective Constable Jim Fenchurch (Shaun Dooley) and Joe tailed Kate to the train station, Sarah Montag (Victoria Hamilton) and her husband, Alan Montag (Jonathan Aris), broke into Kate’s apartment in order to plant a bug in her telephone.

Meanwhile, Jim wondered out loud to Joe as he could not understand why a pretty girl like Kate would turn into a traitor. After seeing that she had bought a train ticket and a book at the stand, Joe bought the same book. Jim used his badge to find out where she was going from the counter. Joe then called up the MI5 headquarters, The Fray, with the information that Kate had bought a return ticket to Lakenheath via Cambridge and was leaving in a few minutes. After Jim realized that there was an American Airforce base in Lakenheath, Daddy informed them that the hand over reception that was happening that evening at the base was due to the fact that the Americans had delivered some nuclear weapons into the base, something that they should not know at all. Because of this, they realized that Kate’s activation was no coincidence. Sarah and Daddy stopped Bobby Waterhouse (Paul Ritter), the head of counter-espionage, from alerting the Americans, as they did not know yet what exactly Kate was going to do there. Daddy then told them to rely on Joe’s judgment, as it was going to be his call as to whether they would interfere or not.

On the train, while Jim stood outside as the lookout, Joe sat in front of Kate in a train compartment and read the same book. He then made conversation by asking her whether she was enjoying the book she was reading, as they were reading the same thing. She told him that it was okay, and she guessed that he was not a fan of the author as he had set it aside quickly. After checking him out carefully while he was not looking, she excused herself from the compartment in order to go the bathroom. However, Joe realized that she was going to run. After chasing her, she managed to corner Joe and press a broken glass bottle against his neck. She then asked him in Russian if he had been planning to kill her. However, he answered back in English that he was going to merely arrest her. She then revealed that she was, in fact, an MI6 agent.   

That evening, Daddy entered his favorite Chinese ballerina’s, Chen Mei’s, dressing room after her performance only to find that she was crying. She thanked him for all the presents he had given her. She gave him the ballet slippers that she had used that night. She then asked him for help, as she knew that he was an important person. She wanted to stay in the United Kingdom. The ballet troupe was heading back to Hong Kong as the ballet season was over due to the blackouts. Because of this, he handed over Chen Mei’s case to Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrie), the secretary in charge of their special committee for Operation Glass. She was told to coordinate with the China desk regarding this potential defection and told her that it was going to be a desk job with no field work.

At a secret holding facility, Joe asked Kate why she had spoken to him in Russian. As she did not reply, he assumed that she thought that he was someone who wanted to kill her. As she was looking constantly at her watch, Joe realized that she wanted to go somewhere, which she agreed to. Jim then interrupted their conversation as it turned out that Bobby had just discovered that she was indeed MI6. Because of this, she was free to go.

Back at The Fray, Sarah gave Wendy some advice on the paperwork that she had to deal with for the possible Chinese defection. They then noticed that Sarah’s husband, Alan, was making some ladies laugh with a jack in the box toy. It was suddenly interrupted by a co-worker named George, who did not really think much of Alan. Because of this, Sarah told him off before he went to talk to Bobby in his office.

He then told Bobby to ask Wendy to put the defection on ice as things with Beijing were very delicate. It was due to the fact that United States President Richard Nixon was going there for a visit. Bobby then assured him that he would tell Wendy himself regarding the matter.

While Wendy was setting up for a meeting of the special committee, Bobby asked Wendy if she was alright with the attic room in his house that he had rented out to her. She said that she was comfortable there. She told him that she felt uncomfortable with his mother, who kept on smiling at her and kept on asking about her parents. Bobby then told her that she was like that as she was insisting that he should get married soon. However, he told her that he considered his job as his priority in life and that marriage could wait, which she understood as she felt the same way. He then revealed to her that her presence made the tension between him and his mother a little bit easier. Wendy did not like the fact that they were deceiving her a little. Bobby then told her that with regards to Daddy’s request, she must properly vet out the dancer before doing anything.

At Alan’s department, Sarah came to tell him that despite the fact that they had been trying to get pregnant, she had her period that month and apologized to him. However, he told her that it was okay. Their tender moment together was interrupted by Wendy. She had asked Alan to place a bug in a bouquet of flowers that was to be delivered to Chen Mei’s dressing room as she needed ears inside.

Meanwhile, Daddy entered C's car, the head of MI6, who confirmed that Kate was one of his best and that his team should get off Kate’s case. He then realized that Kate was under orders to get close to Chambers so that they would be prepared in case the Americans decide to go against the United Kingdom. Afterwards, he told Joe, Bobby and Sarah to stick to Kate and to assume that she was KGB until proven otherwise, especially as she was close to someone with intimate knowledge of the American bases within the country.

The next day at The Fray, Wendy let Daddy hear the tape in which she had recorded his and Chen Mei’s conversation at her dressing room the previous night. He then realized that Bobby had put her up to it. He told her that she could give the recording to Bobby. He did not care because he knew that she was defecting as she had fled from China in fear of her life.

Later that day, Sarah and Joe followed Kate to a restaurant where she met up with Kasimir Surikov (Yuri Klimov), a Soviet trade delegate, whom they assumed was her handler. It was due to the fact that Alan had recorded a conversation the night before, which tipped them off that they were going to meet up.

At the meeting, they learned that Surikov had been dropped from their radar, and he did not have any active ties to the KGB and used to be a drunkard. Daddy then told them that they only had that night to get to Kate. He instructed Joe to do whatever it took to turn her into a double agent and instructed Sarah to find out everything about Surikov.

Joe then remembered the day that he had brought Yulia to his apartment in Poland. They slept together, and he had told her that what they had was real compared to everything that he does. Yulia then reassured him that she knew that he was telling the truth, as she trusted him.

Joe then boldly walked up to Kate’s apartment with a wine bottle in hand. She pretended to call up somebody, but Joe instantly knew that she was bluffing. After he informed her that his name was John and that he knew her name, the blackout began.

As they drank wine in candlelight, she asked Joe why he had been following her for the past two days, when she had been on Chambers for two months already. Joe then countered by asking what had spooked her on the train the other day during their first encounter. She then told him that even though he had been outwardly flirting with her, his body language did not show it. She knew that the book that he had been reading was pretty new.

She then revealed to Joe that Surikov had no idea that she had been using him as an agent and revealed that she had been surprised to find that MI5 had been interested in him as he was not KGB. Joe told her that they were interested in him because of her and that his interest in her was boundless. She then laughed at him and told him that she knew that he was trying to get her to bed so that she would be more vulnerable and told him to ask what he came to ask her. He then asked her whether she was a Soviet spy, to which she denied. Joe then told her that she had only two options. The first was that she would spend her entire life in prison after they found proof of her KGB involvement. The second choice was to turn double agent and to give up Odin and everything that she knew. However, it did not seem like she knew who Odin was.  She then pointed out that the third option was that they would find no proof, in which Daddy loses his job, but she could put in a good word for Joe.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Alan waited in a car for Surikov to leave his house while Jim, in another car, was their lookout. As soon as Surikov left, Alan and Sarah entered. Alan bugged his telephone, while Sarah discovered that there was something behind a particular painting hanging on the wall. However, they had to quickly hide inside the kitchen as Surikov came back in with a bottle of vodka and started to drink. Jim then was able to get Surikov to come outside to help him with his car. It gave them enough time to grab whatever was behind the painting and to escape. Inside the packet, they found a key wrapped in a paper that had a quote from Anna Karenina on it. As they knew that Surikov did not own a copy of the book, they realized that the key might be a key to Kate’s flat and that the quote might be a marker of some kind.

Joe and Kate’s conversation was then interrupted by Sarah who told Joe to look for a copy of Anna Karenina in the original Russian in Kate’s bookshelf. After he did so, he discovered plans and information on Lakenheath. Alan said it was almost complete enough to actually sabotage one of the B41s that had been delivered to Lakenheath. If that happened, then it was possible that the Soviets could have framed America for the failure of one of their nuclear warheads, which would cost millions of lives. However, Joe was a little bit skeptical about how Kate could have collected that much intel as she had only been seeing Chambers for two months.  

After Daddy left for a meeting with MI6, Joe asked Alan to take a look at the intel again to make sure that Kate was not being set up. She was going to a facility in Reading where she would be questioned until she talked whether she was KGB or not. Outside, Wendy and Daddy were met by George who told him that the defection of Chen Mei could happen, but they would have to explain it to Chen Mei’s husband, who, as it turned out, was not born in China. This came as a shock to Daddy, who has no idea about this.

At Bobby’s house, Bobby realized that Wendy had overheard he and his mother arguing about marriage as she only cared about their family image. Upstairs, Wendy told Bobby that she had destroyed the recording of Daddy in Chen Mei’s dressing room. She revealed to him that Daddy was having her deported as an “unfriendly,” which would ruin her ballet career. She then told Bobby that she had decided to stay, as she could not bear how Bobby’s mother talked to him.

Before the men came to take Kate away, Joe went to her to ask about Surikov. He, the only man who could prove whether she was innocent or not, was missing. She revealed to him that the message “detained by bears” meant that he could not have lunch with her as he was hungover and that he most probably was at a bath house located in the East End. There, they discovered that he had been gravely injured in the chest. Before Surikov died, he told them that Odin had persuaded him to help them so that he could go home. He had been tasked to set up Kate as he knew that she was MI6 and had been lying to him for ten years.

Back at The Fray, he told Sarah and Alan, who were looking over Kate’s intel that Surikov had died. Alan accidentally dropped the contents of Sarah’s bag, who left it in her hurry to go to Daddy. He then discovered that Sarah had been taking oral contraceptive tablets.

At the meeting, they realized that the KGB knew that they were using Arkady, as they had gone to great lengths to convince them that Kate was really a sleeper agent, especially after Alan had discovered that 40 percent of Kate’s intel had been fake. Joe then realized that Sarah was right in saying that the Soviets could still use the intel in their operation and realized that they might be planning something far more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

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