The Game Recap: Episode 4

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Game Recap: Episode 4
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The Game” Season 1 Episode 4 aired on Nov. 26, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on BBC America. In this episode, after suspecting that Arkady Malinov (Marcel Iures) was actually working for the KGB, they discovered that he did not know anything more than what he had told them. However, they discovered Joe Lambe’s (Tom Hughes) nemesis, Odin, was in town. They shifted their focus into trying to catch him. Joe also discovered a startling revelation which threatened to change the way he saw their entire operation forever. Meanwhile, Bobby Waterhouse’s (Paul Ritter) personal life leaps to the limelight after a disgruntled colleague from Special Branch started to spread rumors about him. It led to the breakdown of a good relationship between him and Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrie), who was currently renting out a room at his house. Read on to learn more about this episode.  

The episode picked up from where the last episode left off. Daddy (Brian Cox), the head of MI5; MI5 Agent Sarah Montag (Victoria Hamilton); her husband, Alan Montag (Jonathan Aris), the technician of the group; MI5 Agent Joe Lambe (Tom Hughes); Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrie), one of Daddy’s secretaries; Bobby Waterhouse (Paul Ritter), the head of counter-espionage; and Detective Constable Jim Fenchurch (Shaun Dooley) from Special Branch met together at the Fray, the MI5 Headquarters. They did it in order to discuss how to proceed with the knowledge that Operation Glass was a fake operation created to distract them from the real thing. Despite Bobby’s objections, Daddy instructed them not to bring Arkady Malinov (Marcel Iures), their source for operation glass. He had defected from the KGB because Moscow might still think that he’s in play. This meant that they could use him, but in order to do that, they were instructed to follow Arkady and to search his apartment.   

Later that night, an MI5 team combed through his flat. Sarah, Joe and Jim followed Arkady to a private post office. According to Sarah, Arkady had looked inside his box then left disappointed, as whatever he was expecting had not come.

Because of this, they assumed that Arkady was in on the deception. He might have been getting secret communications via the private mailbox. They then decided to try to figure out who his handler in London. It was done by placing an advertisement in the newspaper, which followed the protocols that the KGB had given him. Arkady then took the bait. He told Joe that he was to meet a woman named Annabel Reeve and pass along a message to her at an Italian restaurant.

Joe drove Arkady to the restaurant where he met Annabel, who was, in reality, Sarah. As she was wearing a wire, she was being monitored by both Bobby and Alan in the restaurant’s kitchen. There, Arkady told her that it was nice to see her again as they had met before at a conference at Torquay. She then replied by saying that she remembered that the weather was nice then. After that, he started to leave. She then started to act like she was scared and asked if he could stay for a little while so that they could talk. After telling him about her worries and fears, Arkady told her that she did not have long to wait and confirmed that the endgame was near. He told her that they would be rewarded. 

Meanwhile, at a high-end men’s club, Bobby approached one of the top officials of Special Branch, Andrew. He wanted to ask him to make sure that he had a team of men on standby for them. However, Andrew told him that it might not be possible. He asked him if he had heard of a major vice operation that happened in Hampstead Heath. He was then told that they might not be able to spare Jim anymore to them as they needed all hands on deck. However, Bobby reminded him that he had not told Andrew’s superiors yet about the fact that he had messed up the Kasimir Surikov operation, which had ended up with Kasimir dying. Because of this, he told Andrew that Jim would be there’s for the time being.

Back at the Fray, Joe told Jim what had happened and told Jim that whatever was going to happen was going to happen soon. He then paid a visit to the post office that Arkady had visited the previous night and tried to get the receptionist to open the boxes for him. However, as he refused to cooperate, Joe slipped something into his tea that made him throw up. While he was at the bathroom, Joe opened the box and discovered a postcard featuring the Premiere Disk of Robert Delauney, in an envelope that was postmarked from France.

Back at the Fray, Bobby was called into Daddy’s office. Andrew informed them that one of the boys they had caught during their raid had said that a man that matched Bobby’s description often came around. However, Bobby denied ever going there.

Downstairs, both Alan, and Joe realized that they had found several postcards in Arkady’s flat. Each postcard had figures that counted down from six to one. It made them realize that the postcards were a countdown of some sort. They were then interrupted by Wendy who informed them that Arkady was on the move and was currently at a petrol station.  Because of this, Daddy instructed them to follow Arkady in three cars and told Bobby to run intelligence support from the Fray with Wendy. This was really important as they believed that Arkady could be leaving the country, or he might be meeting up with a KGB agent who was going to enter the country. However, while Wendy and Bobby were setting up the radio link to the cars, Bobby noticed that several girls giggled at him.

On the road, Alan was in a car with Sarah, while Joe and Jim were in another car. Joe then told Sarah that Arkady was hers as he was turning where she was near. Back at the Fray, as they mapped out his route, Wendy realized that he might be going to Lydd Airfield, which often took in some flights from France.

At the airfield, Sarah discovered that Arkady was not on any of the outgoing manifests. It led Joe to believe that he was meeting someone. At the arrivals terminal, Joe was surprised to discover that Arkady met up with his daughter, Sylvie, and his wife, Celine. Arkady was also surprised to see that Joe had followed him there.

Later on, Joe told Sarah that Arakady had just told him that he had met Celine Dumarc at the University of Lille, where he had been a guest lecturer six years ago. After he found out that she was pregnant with Sylvie, he was suddenly ordered by the KGB to go back to Britain. Because of this, they secretly got married, and ever since, he had been trying to find a way for them to get to Britain. Joe then told her that he believed that he was telling the truth.

Sarah then talked to Arkady and told him that they knew that Operation Glass was fake. However, Arkady was surprised as he and Sarah could not understand how they could have done this, since they could not have known that he was going to defect. In fact, Arkady told them that he had decided to defect after they briefed him about the entire operation had given him the name of David Hexton — the first sleeper agent that they had gone after. Arkady then told them that if Moscow had already known that he would defect, then he was already dead. Arkady also told Sarah that he had told her that they were nearing the endgame as she had been panicking. A car then arrived in order to bring Celine and Sylvie to a safe house.

Joe then told Arkady that he had to give Joe something so that the MI5 would let him be reunited with his family. Arkady then told him that that he would be dead as soon as he leaves the house. Moreover, a source told him that Odin (Jevgenij Sitochin), the man who deals with traitors overseas, was in town. Arkady believed that Odin was there for him.

Back at the Fray, as a thank you for her quick thinking and because he knew that she did not really get to prepare good meals at home, Bobby asked Wendy if she wanted to go out with him for dinner, to which she agreed. However, their conversation was interrupted as Sarah and Joe had just walked in.

At the meeting room, Joe told them that he believed that Arkady was telling the truth and informed them about Bogdan, who was a senior telecommunications officer at the Russian Embassy. They then decided to have Joe persuade Arkady to persuade Bogdan into helping them out. If not, then the MI5 would no longer protect Arkady and his family. Arkady was reluctant to do this to a good friend of his, but since his family was at stake, he agreed to do so.

Arkady then met up with Bogdan at his usual club, with Joe and Jim watching over them. He then tried to persuade him to help him. He was reluctant to do so because he knew how dangerous Odin was. Joe then came over and told him that if he could provide any names of who Odin had spoken to or whom he contacted, then that sort of help would allow the MI5 to continue protecting Arkady’s family. He then agreed to help them out.

Meanwhile, Bobby brought Wendy to an expensive restaurant. Wendy then realized that Bobby had brought her there in order to bolster his reputation. Upset that he had broken his word about keeping their relationship within the house, she left and told him that she would start looking for a new apartment the next morning. However, the day was not over for Bobby as he was assaulted by his mother, Hester (Judy Parfitt). She had discovered that someone was saying that Bobby had been seeing some boys over at Hampstead Heath. Even after he reassured her that those were just bad rumors, she told him to get out.

Early the next morning, Bogdan called up the MI5 headquarters. Wendy then informed them that Bogdan had told Arkady that they would meet at 12:30 p.m. at Bonneville Square and that Arkady had to go alone. Daddy then instructed all of them to be alert for several possible situations — that Bogdan does give them information; that Bogdan reported Arkady to the Embassy and the KGB; or that Odin would be there to kill Arkady, which would give them a chance to get Odin. As the Special Branch was being very uncooperative about lending support, which they eventually did, Bobby told the entire MI5 to drop what they were doing and to concentrate on finding all exit routes and information on all the buildings at Bonneville Square. They then prepared Arkady for the meeting by strapping a bulky tape recorder on him, just in case.   

While they waited, Arkady told Joe that he was currently wondering on how Moscow knew that he had turned. Joe speculated that he might have made a mistake, and reassured him of his safety during the meeting.

Before they left, Arkady spent a few moments with his family. As Joe watched them, he remembered talking to Yulia (Zana Marjanovic). She is the agent in Poland that Odin had killed and whom he had fallen in love with. He had also revealed to her that he had no family in London as he had lost both of his parents at a very young age.

At Bonneville Square, while they waited for Joe and Arkady, Sarah tried to get Alan to talk to her. It seemed as if he had been avoiding her and not talking to her for quite some time. However, before any of them could say anything, Joe and Arkady arrived.

Joe, Jim and Sarah took up their positions in the park. After a while, Bogdan met him and told him that he was sorry that he could not find any useful information. Bogdan then hugged Arkady and whispered something into his ear and slipped a small piece of paper into his hand. As he walked away from the meeting point, he started to panic and only calmed down when Joe finally got to him.

At the car, Arkady gave Joe the slip of paper, which had the word “Phoenix” on it. Back at the Fray, Daddy instructed Alan and Wendy to go through all communications, written and recorded, in order to see if the word “Phoenix” had ever come up. They were then instructed to reunite Arkady with his family, who would be taken out of the country and be given new identities. However, in the meantime, Joe was to take Arkady to a safehouse to wait for Celine and Sylvie. They also decided to bring Bogdan in so that they could see if they could officially turn him. However, they were not able to do so as Bogdan had been killed.

Meanwhile, at a high-society function, Hester Waterhouse approached Andrew and threatened to tell everyone that she knew that his father had been having an affair. Because of this, all of a sudden, the boy who had claimed that Bobby had been seeing boys in Hampstead Heath suddenly changed the description of the man he had seen there, which automatically cleared Bobby.

Meanwhile, on the way to the safe house, Arkady revealed to Joe that Bogdan had told him that Phoenix was a mole that was within MI5. While they waited for Celine and Sylvie to arrive, and while Joe went to get some tea for Arkady, he was suddenly shot to death by Odin, who threatened Joe with a gun. As soon as he had left, Joe went to Arkady and apologized for what had just happened.

Later that evening, Sarah accompanied Celine and Sylvie out of the country, and Jim informed Joe that they had discovered that Bogdan had been killed. Joe then revealed to Jim that Odin had known that Joe and Arkady were at the safehouse, which meant that they had a mole within MI5.

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