The Hangover Part III Feels Sedated

By admin | 5 years ago

The Hangover Part IIIThe Hangover Part III could be the end of the franchise. The filmmakers have already exhausted their outrageous ideas in the two previous movies that the third one feels slow and sedated. The raunchiness that’s part of the first two movies is not seen in the latest installment until the closing credits are rolling.

The Hangover Part III is a caper comedy with the gags driver by Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong). The story starts with Alan (Zach Galifianakis) buying and accidentally decapitating a giraffe. This leads to his father (Jeffrey Tambor) having a heart attack.

The Wolf Pack comes in to give Alan a much needed intervention. They take him to a rehab center in Arizona. On the way, they are carjacked by a mobster (John Goodman). He takes Doug (Justin Bartha) hostage. The Wolf Pack is tasked to track down Chow, who has escaped from a Thai prison.

The Wolf Pack promises to take out Chow to save Doug. This takes them to Tijuana and back to where the franchise started, in Las Vegas. The city looks seedy instead of being sparkly like in the original Hangover movie.

The Hangover Part III has a single funny cameo. It is not as funny as the first two movies. People and animals die in the latest movie. If you’re a fan of the first two movies, you might be disappointed with this one. Unlike a hangover, this movie will not stay with you until the next day.

Director and co-writer Todd Phillips placed Alan and Ken Jeong in the spotlight for the third movie. The filmmaker has stated that he is more interested in exploring matters of real consequence instead of just getting some laughs from them. This might be the reason why the movie alienates the fans of the first two Hangover films.

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