The Heat a Female Cop Buddy Movie

By admin | 5 years ago

The Heat a Female Cop BuddyThe Heat is a cop buddy movie with female stars as leads. Director Paul Feig knows how to make a woman driven movie without making it a romantic one. He did it with Bridesmaid and continued the tradition in The Heat, although the feminism in it is not always comfortable.

Melissa McCarthy really knows how to emit profanity and shows it in The Heat. Her partner, Sandra Bullock, cringes every time McCarthy spews out some. The story is thin and a bit sloppy at times. The jokes are not really funny. The good news is that Bullock and McCarthy manage to carry The Heat through it all.

Bullock and McCarthy are worlds apart and this is the ideal situation for a cop buddy movie. Mismatched pairings are usually that of a slob and a prude. Bullock is Sarah Ashburn, an FBI agent who is too arrogant that she rubs her colleagues the wrong way. Her boss sends her to Boston so that she can learn to change her ways while working in a case that the agency shares jurisdiction with the local police department.

Ashburn is smarter than most of her co-workers but she has to endure their aloofness and resentment. The Heat shows the daily sexism women must endure at work. Her being single was the subject of several jokes in the movie. It is only in the later part of the movie that it was revealed that she was once married.

McCarthy is Detective Shannon Mullins of the local PD. Mullins and Ashburn are an odd couple that’s amusing to watch. Mullins has a lot of aggression in her that scares both suspects and the higher ups. The two try to work with each other to catch a drug lord and along the way they learn to appreciate each other.

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