The Honourable Woman Recap: The Mother Line

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Honourable Woman Recap: The Mother Line
Maggie Gyllenhaal arrives at the 82nd Academy Awards March 7, 2010 in Hollywood. She was nominated for supporting actress for “Crazy Heart.”

The Honourable Woman” Season 1 Episode 6 “The Mother Line” aired on Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on BBC Two. Nessa made a crushing discovery about her brother’s involvement in her release from captivity years ago. While Kasim’s situation is still undetermined, a Palestinian came forward to advise Nessa that her son would be okay if the contract for the data cabling system would be awarded to them. This, by far, was the episode that brought clarity to many of the events of the story. Find out what else happened in the recap below.

“The Mother Line” opened with Nessa (Maggie Gyllenhaal) sitting at a bar and drowning all of her problems with alcohol. She hooked up with a man she met there, who recognized her as the Baroness. Inside a private room, he hit her in the head and then raped her. Coming to her senses but still bleeding from the head, Nessa tried to find a taxi to go back home. An MI6 agent, who had been tracking her all along, came to her assistance, but she refused his help. Later, Hugh Hoyle (Stephen Rae) of the MI6 came to pick her up and took her to a safe place where she was tested. He also asked if Nessa wanted to file a complaint against her rapist because they have already arrested him, and he was tested too. She refused, and Hoyle brought her home.

While in the car, Hoyle talked to her about Gaza.

Hoyle: “What happened tonight, did it happen before? Did it happen then?”

Nessa: “What does it say in my file?”

Hoyle: “It doesn’t.”

Nessa: “Why do you need to know?”

Hoyle: “I want to help.”

Nessa: “You want to help me or you?”

Hoyle: “Both of us.”

Nessa: “All you spies need to coordinate better.”

Nessa found out that the professor at the university the Stein Foundation supported was murdered, as seen in the episode “Two Hearts.” Hoyle told her that someone already made claims to the murder — the Israeli terrorists. But Hoyle wasn’t convinced. Hoyle clarified that there was a deeper reason why the teacher was murdered. Maybe he discovered something else he wasn’t supposed to. Nessa denied this, and Hoyle sort of hinted that she shouldn’t trust her brother. Nessa was confused by Hoyle’s questions and statements.

Nessa: “Are you trying to help? Coz it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like you’re trying to put a split right in the heart of this business.”

The Palestinian Jalal el-Amin had a business meeting with Nessa, with regards the problems at the college, with the listening post and the dead professor. But el-Amin also revealed that they know Nessa’s secret: Kasim. He went on to say that if she wanted the boy safe, she should award the cabling contract to them. el-Amin said that they needed a Palestinian standing by her side. They want to be certain that Nessa is everything she stood for.

Meanwhile, with the help of Nessa’s man on the field, Aron Yavin, who discovered the wiretap (sniffer) that lead to the listening post at the school, Shlomo (Yigal Naor) brought forth more evidence that he really wasn’t behind any illegal activities. However, this lead to Nessa learning that it was Ephra (Andrew Buchan) who was behind everything all along.

So now the truth was out:

It was Ephra who helped fund the $1.5 million ransom money for the young Israeli soldier captured by the Palestinian extremists. It was Nessa who discovered the money trail under the Stein Foundation while on her trip to the West Bank eight years ago. Her inquisition led to her abduction, where she was subsequently raped and got pregnant. The Israelis pledged to help Ephra with the release of Nessa, but in doing so, they also asked Ephra for favors in their business — one of which was the setup of a wiretap in one of Shlomo’s cable operations. Ephra admitted that he did all these to help because no one was going to do it. Nessa was so mad at her brother that it led to a big confrontation. She accused her brother of turning her into a puppet and for never saying anything about these deals all these years.

Nessa: “You wanna know why they’ve taken the boy? Because the Palestinians were suspicious that this is what you and the Israelis were up to all along.”

Ephra: “You’re blaming me for Kasim’s kidnapping?”

Nessa: “They wanted Samir Meshal (The Empty Chair) close enough to watch over us, and now they have someone else. You know who my choice is? I haven’t got one. Because every fucking road to this leads back to you.”

Knowing what she knew now, Nessa used this to demand that the Israelis give her full support regardless of whoever she appointed for the contract. Nessa was not going to be made into a puppet. But then, she awarded the contract to the Palestinians with el-Amin, in the hopes of getting Kasim back.

There was something else that Shlomo and Yavin discovered from the sniffer — the information of which was brought to the attention of Hoyle and the MI6. Thus, the agency set up a trap, which led to the US Embassy: Monica Chatwin (Eve Best). Hoyle then brought this fact to his boss, Julia Walsh (Janet McTeer), who still insisted, as it was before, that they keep the Americans out of this mess.  But really, what did the Americans want to accomplish here?

For whatever reason, Atika (Lubna Azabal) told Rachel, Ephra’s wife, about Nessa being the mother of Kasim. This enraged Rachel, as she felt that her husband lied to her. Hugh later told Ephra that he’s like “the hero that nobody thanks,” which was sort of true. With everything, Ephra had good intentions, but dealing with two sides that are at war, it was hard to find a common ground.

Kasim’s father, Saleh Al-Zahid, the man who raped Nessa in Gaza, also figured in this episode. He had to flee his safehouse because of an unfortunate accident involving the child of one of his comrades.

And there you have it for “The Honourable Woman” Season 1 Episode 6 “The Mother Line” recap, which aired on Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on BBC Two.  On the same night, “The Honourable Woman” also rolled out its second episode “The Unfaithful Husband” on Sundance TV. You can read its recap on this site as well.

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