The Hunt a Psycho-Social Drama from Thomas Vinterberg

By admin | 4 years ago

The Hunt a Psycho-Social DramaThe Hunt features Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen’s expressive and restrained performance. It is an engrossing psycho-social drama made by filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg. The movie is about a man’s ordinary life that becomes one full of suspicion and misunderstanding.

Mads Mikkelsen is Lucas, a kindergarten teacher who is recently divorced. He is currently in a custody battle over his son Marcus (Lasse Fogelstrom) and is trying to date again. Then one day he is called into the office of the principal’s office. Anyone aware of the current events from 20 years ago will not be surprised to what happens next.

Vinterberg gives a lot of attention to details as he sets things up to spin out of control. Mikkelsen is the perfect choice for the lead in The Hunt. He gives life to the character and people will sympathize with him.

The Hunt is about one man’s struggle against false accusations. The movie is a study of collective hysteria as children are always believed and predators are easily uncovered. It tackles a well-known issue that at times the film feels a bit dated. It does serve as a cautionary tale for viewers. Director Vinterberg said in the press notes for the movie that the roots of The Hunt came in a meeting he had with a psychologist.

One thing that can be improved in Thu Hunt is its ending. Vinteberg manages to seamlessly tell the story of Lucas but the ending feels unsatisfying. It is overhyped and feels a bit unjustified. But everything else in The Hunt is good. It has crisp photography, incisive editing, great visual and sound, and great performances from the cast.

Mikkelsen has been active these days. He is playing the main character in the TV series Hannibal. Director Vinterberg’s last remarkable movie is The Celebration released in 1998. The Hunt is a comeback that shows promising things to come from the talented filmmaker.

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