‘The Incredibles 2’ Director Brad Bird To Release 2D Animated Horror Film Having Larger Budget, Longer Schedule?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
‘The Incredibles 2’ Director Brad Bird To Release 2D Animated Horror Film Having Larger Budget, Longer Schedule?
Brad Bird after winning the Oscar, with a fan

Brad Bird has recently expressed his desire to create another 2D or hand-drawn animated film. Will there be another movie like “The Iron Giant”? Read on for more details.

While the world of animation seemed to have moved on from doing 2D films and is busy with 3D, Bird thought 2D or hand-drawn could still capture hearts today the way it did around the 1990’s.

But this time, “The Incredibles 2” director thought horror films done in 2D are “cool” to release.

“For instance, there’s never been a horror movie in animation executed at Disney-level quality and hand-drawn, I’m not talking about CG I’m talking about hand-drawn, but it doesn’t take a lot to imagine how cool that would be,” the 57-year-old film director told Collider in an interview.

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Well, if it’s Brad Bird, then surely many would watch this film. On top of that, he also expressed his desire to do another ambitious 2D animated film that would eclipse the classic “The Iron Giant.”

“…I absolutely think that hand-drawn animation is valid and I actually hope to do one in the future with a large budget and a longer schedule than we had in Iron Giant,” Bird said.

Bird’s 2D animated film “The Iron Giant” won multiple awards such as Best Animated Feature in the Annie Award, Best Animation in Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, and Best Feature Film in BAFTA Children’s Award. His hand-drawn animated film became one of those classics that brought many to tears, which also recently had a Signature Edition.

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It was also a surprise to millions of fans that Bird tapped Vin Diesel, 48, to give voice to the beloved giant robot. Diesel too loved the film and even told fans to be not surprised if Bird and Warner Brothers Entertainment decide to do “The Iron Giant 2.”

However, Bird ruled it out and said they’re done with it.

Currently, Brad Bird is working on “The Incredibles 2,” which is rumored to be released earlier than “Cars 3.”

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