‘The Incredibles 2’ Movie Features Surprising Plot And Characters, Says Brad Bird

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘The Incredibles 2’ Movie Features Surprising Plot And Characters, Says Brad Bird

It’s no secret that director Brad Bird is going to direct the sequel to the superhero-animated film “The Incredibles” titled “The Incredibles 2”.

Master Herald reported that Brad Bird has already been busy writing the script for the “The Incredibles” sequel although the movie has not locked in on a release date yet which could be anywhere around next year or 2017. The director confessed that a lot of superhero movies have come out since 2004 and it has become a cut throat challenge to bring something to the audience that can strike them instantly.

According to Venture Capital Post, the director mentioned that its not just about other audiences but he himself is a moviegoer and would like to feel surprised after having watched a movie. He also added that this is the feeling that he would want to incorporate in this movie. As reported earlier with long time passed the lead characters of the movie Helen and Bob Parr will already have aged and would now look up to their children to take up the responsibility and own their superpowers to help and serve. Another critical point that is being pointed out here is that the youngest son Jack-jack might just cause trouble since he is the youngest of all and would feel some trouble getting used to his powers.

His struggle might just lead him to go towards the wrong side of the fight and rebel against his own family. It surely is a challenge for the director but knowing the kind of films he makes, one could expect another exciting animated superhero feature coming our way.

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