The Internship Movie Review

By admin | 5 years ago

The Internship MovieThe Wedding Crashers stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are reunited in The Internship. This time around they play washed up guys who try to reinvent themselves into tech whiz kids. The movie features lots of 80s pop culture references.

The Internship is about two watch salesmen Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) who live in a world they no longer recognize. The two find themselves out of work after a round of downsizing by their employer. Nick tries selling mattresses for his sister’s boyfriend (Will Ferrell).

Then Billy decides that they should work for Google even though they don’t have any technological knowledge. And Google has no vacancies. The online search giant is searching for people to be part of their summertime internship program that can guarantee a number of staff positions to highest achievers.

To qualify for the internship, Nick and Billy enroll in an online university. Then they audition for the Google search committee. This is one of the highlights of the movie that utilizes both actors’ knack for improvisation.

They manage to be accepted into the internship program and they’re off to Google’s corporate HQ, which is seen as the happiest workplace in the planet with beach volleyball court, tunnel slide, driverless cars, and free employee cafeteria.

Nick and Billy are fishes of the water. They are regarded as mental midgets by the other recruits. They manage to turn the table by using their assets, such as their real-world experience and people skills that complements the book smarts of their colleagues.

The chemistry of Vaughn and Wilson makes The Internship enjoyable to watch. The movie also benefits from the performances of their support, such as Aasif Mandvi who plays the internship program’s leader, and Rose Byrne as one of the staffers in Google.

The Internship is full of optimism. It gives people over 40 hope of starting over.

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