‘The Interview’ Sales Reaching Half Its Production Value

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
‘The Interview’ Sales Reaching Half Its Production Value

What has to be the most talked about movie of 2014, and not in the most positive sense, “The Interview’s” sales are starting to dwindle and its cause could be the dialing down of its controversies. Continue reading for the details of this scoop.

There are lots of ways for a movie to earn more than its targeted grossing. The star factor is there, and there’s also the story factor. Sometimes, it could even be both if the film proves to be really great. And then there’s also the controversial kind of promotion that gives the film the swipe of curiosity that leads to a massive number of curious and anticipating viewers. “The Interview” started off with a simple and promising premise but because of the sudden rumors that blew up one after the other, it became one of the most sensational unreleased movies of 2014. Now, with all the commotion Sony just wishes to regain what they could from their investments and things were off to a good start, until realization hit people, that is.

Based on Variety’s report, Sony Entertainment posted last Tuesday, January 6, 2015, that “The Interview” has earned a total of $31 million in its online and VOD releases in the first week. Moreover, the movie also managed to generate an estimated grossing of $5 million in its limited theatrical release.

Putting together those two sources of revenues, the film has earned a total of $36 million and that’s almost half of what the studio spent in its production value. It was reported that it took about $75 million for the film to be completed.

Initially, the studio was astounded with how much the film managed to earn in the first four days of its release, reaching $15 million but it appears that the numbers have dwindled down the moment almost everybody knew what all the fuss was about. Despite all the efforts of the studio of releasing the film in multiple mediums, preventive measures seem to have gotten the best of them. As for now, they’ll have to wait until the last poster of the film in theaters gets a picture change.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Uploaded by Alice Barigelli

Sources: Variety/Deadline/The Verge

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