‘The Last of Us 2’ Powerful If Plot Explores Between Death of Joel’s Daughter and Before Meeting Ellie?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago

Latest “The Last of Us 2” plot speculations recently said the sequel must feature an alternative storyline and not revolve around the relationship of Joel and Ellie. Why? Read on for more details.

Naughty Dog gave players a very good ending in “The Last of Us”– they offered fans an opportunity to fill in the gaps, making it perfect for a sequel.

Although “The Last of Us 2” is yet to be released, Kenny McDonnell of Moviepilot gave four suggestions that could make the sequel more powerful than its predecessor. And one of them is to explore on what happened in the 20 year gap between the death of Joel Miller’s daughter, Sarah, and before meeting Ellie.

It could be recalled that after the death of Sarah and the initial outbreak of the infection, Joel lived a life of smuggling drugs and weapons throughout the vicinity of the quarantine area in Boston. Recorded via “The Last of Us” Wiki, many things have happened in his life during those 20 years: looking after Tommy, seeing Tommy leave and go to the Fireflies, partnering with Tess, arrangements with Bill, meeting Robert, and striking a deal with Marlene.

Those years are said to be a good option for “The Last of Us 2” plot. Why? It was because choosing to continue the sequel around Joel and Ellie’s, somewhat, father-daughter relationship would only disturb the balance of the title’s predecessor.

If Naughty Dog, Inc. opt to go with Joel and Ellie again, the impression of the ending that “The Last of Us” had would reportedly suffer as well as the relationship of the two characters only turning sour.

It could be recalled Joel lied about the Fireflies as well as the doctors.

“But if their [Joel and Ellie] narrative is expanded upon with a sequel, I can only see the situation getting worse. If Ellie uncovered the truth about what Joel did – especially if you chose to shoot all the doctors – I don’t think she could forgive his actions,” McDonnell said.

Furthermore, Ellie might get away from Joel, which Joel does not want to happen. He already sacrificed almost everything just to keep Ellie alive and seeing her leave would be a great pain for him.

There were other “The Last of Us 2” plots suggested such as same universe but featuring different characters; the origins of the Fireflies and how Marlene took the helm; or following the life of one of the characters in the first title such as Bill or Tommy.

Nevertheless, the plot of the upcoming game sequel is still in the hands of Naughty Dog.

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