‘The Last Of Us’ Movie Cast: Maisie Williams To Play Ellie? Live Adaptation Premieres In 2016

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘The Last Of Us’ Movie Cast: Maisie Williams To Play Ellie? Live Adaptation Premieres In 2016

Fans waiting for “The Last of Us” game sequel might have to wait a bit longer. Turns out, the developers have their hands full in assisting with the movie adaptation.

According to Venture Capital Post the makers of “The Last of Us” are indeed in the process of adapting the game into a movie. It was reported that Neil Druckmann, the co-developer of the game, had just finished the second draft of the script for the live adaptation. It has also been rumored that “Games of Thrones” actor Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) has been approached to play the role of Ellie. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that she’s very interested if she will be chosen for the part.

The movie is currently looking at a potential 2016 release until further updates are revealed.

“The Last of Us”, an action-adventure horror game has probably been liked by one and all as it deals with something that has connected with a diversified group of gamers across the globe. Set in a post apocalyptic United States the game is the story of a man called Joel who in the post apocalyptic world works as a smuggler and has been given an assignment to smuggle a teenage girl called Ellie. In a world where the only unaffected humans who can’t trust anyone, we witness Joel accepting the offer and taking Ellie across the hordes of affected areas as she could be a possible cure to their situation. There have been reports that a sequel to the same game will unfortunately not come out any time soon instead the developers are busy focusing on the movie adaptation of the game itself.

Developed by Naughty Dog, Christian today quoted one of the developers Chris Straley’s interviews with Gamespot that they had no plans to come up with a sequel, as they were busy with some other project. On the other hand Neil Druckmann the co-developer of the game mentioned that he agreed with some fans of the game who insisted that the game be kept as a one game only instead of following it up with a sequel.

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