The Last Ship Mounts New York Exhibit to Promote Series

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Last Ship Mounts New York Exhibit to Promote Series
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In a bid to create buzz for their new drama series “The Last Ship,” which had its series premiere last June 22, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on TNT, the network went all out by staging an art exhibit in Manhattan, New York City. Read on to learn more about the latest scoop on “The Last Ship.”

The art show was dubbed “Survival is an Art: The Last Ship Experience,” and the event was staged for one day at a gallery in Chelsea. Indiewire posted a bunch of photos that were shown at the art exhibit but called the whole marketing ploy as lacking in “visual stimulants.” Still, this was a different kind of experience delivered by a TV series, and the public was fascinated by the display nonetheless.

The exhibit presented mannequins wearing gears, sneakers and masks, on top of tracksuits and expensive looking gowns. Some of the pieces were even decked with jewelry. The mannequins were covered from head to toe, in a clear depiction of what was to happen in the TV show. “The Last Ship” is a story about finding a cure for a deadly virus that has already wiped out 80% of the world’s population, with the naval fleet seemingly the only one spared from the disease.

Visitors to the art gallery were allowed to wear the masks, which came in different striking forms and designs, as well as to try on the gears for themselves so that they become immersed with “The Last Ship” experience.

The exhibit is credited to Irene Luft, a German designer who has had her share of presentations most recently for Fashion Week 2013.

TNT also mounted a full campaign with Purell, the sanitizer dispenser brand, by covering New York’s subways with creative posters and teasers that carried the tagline: “The virus spreads June 22.”  The posters will stay on the subway until mid-July. Pretty clever, don’t you think?

“The Last Ship” is produced by Michael Bay (“Transformers”), known for his penchant for directing epic action sequences.

And that’s it for “The Last Ship” update. Follow Movie News Guide for more updates about this drama series, as well as other interesting entertainment news.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/TNTLA

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