The Last Ship Recap: Lockdown [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Last Ship Recap: Lockdown [WATCH VIDEO]
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“The Last Ship” Season 1 Episode 6 “Lockdown” aired on Sunday, July 27, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on TNT. Returning from their last mission in Nicaragua, the crew of USS Nathan James were apprehensive. One of their men fell ill, and someone had been sowing dissent among the ranks. Read the recap below to know what happened in this episode of “The Last Ship.”

Chandler (Eric Dane), Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and Green (Travis Van Winkle) were dining and discussing among themselves on whether they should tell the crew about what they saw in Nicaragua (in the previous episode “El Toro”). There had been murmurs and discontent from some of the men because, apart from those who went on missions, no one was telling them about what was happening outside the ship. So Chandler decided to speak to his crew. He made a bold announcement that Dr. Scott was making progress with finding the vaccine cure. He was also upfront about what they saw from their last mission in Nicaragua, about why they couldn’t save the 150 villagers who were sick and dying. He then said to his crew that they were heading to the East Coast next, confident that they would have the vaccine that could save millions of lives.

But back at the laboratory, Dr. Scott’s experiments with the monkeys haven’t been working out. Some monkeys already died,  as Dr. Scott realized that the virus was a lot more complicated than originally thought. She told Chandler that his announcement to the crew was premature, but she assured him she was still confident that she would have a breakthrough. In the meantime, Dr. Scott was dumping dead monkeys she had experimented on to the sea at night time so that the crew would not suspect that her tests have been failing. Chandler agreed that they should return to Nicaragua again so that they could find more monkeys. The men started wondering why the ship changed course.

Dr. Tophet (Sam Spruell), who remained the ship’s captive but was able to spend time outside his cell to play chess with some of the men (as it was one of his arrangements back in the episode “Dead Reckoning”), started creating trouble. He was insinuating and giving the crew wrong ideas about what Dr. Scott was doing. He was playing on their uncertainty and vulnerability so that they started doubting Dr. Scott’s intentions and capabilities.

When Green fell sick, their worst fears got the better of them. They thought that the virus has infiltrated the ship that even Chandler decided a lockdown and a quarantine was necessary. Because Chandler was with Green at the time he fell ill, he gave Slattery the command of the ship and joined the quarantine while the rest of the men were told to wear their biohazard gears. Kara Foster (Marissa Neitling), Green’s girlfriend, also asked herself to be locked in with the sick, saying she had been spending time with Green.

Dr. Scott was confident that Green had a different infection. But while they waited for the test results, Chandler told her off, letting her know that it has become harder to trust her.

“I don’t know you. But I’ve risked everything for you, killed for you, lost men for you, asked these people to turn their back on their families. For you,” said Chandler.

Dr. Scott told Chandler that she wasn’t hiding anything from the experiments she has conducted, and if there was something she didn’t know, she would admit it. The captain just had to trust her.

Later, the ship’s medic confirmed that Green wasn’t sick from the deadly virus. It was dengue fever, which he probably got from their missions off the ship. While Green was recovering, Chandler talked to Foster and told her that he knew she’s in a relationship with Green. Chandler reprimanded her, saying that this would endanger and compromise missions, as sometimes their feelings would get in the way.

Dr. Tophet continued to sow dissent and feed misinformation among the crew that around sixteen men decided they would leave the ship. They made their intentions known to Chandler, who knew that their enlistment time would soon be over.

Once again, giving a speech, Chandler first apologized for withholding information, thinking this would be for their own protection. A transmission played in the background after he spoke. These were recordings of survivors they have heard on the radio, who were still out there waiting for a cure. He then showed the men the lab where Dr. Scott was working, telling them that she has hit a setback, but that she also dedicated so much of her time to finding the cure. Chandler wanted his men to trust the doctor as much as he trusted her. Lastly, Chandler addressed the sixteen men who would like to de-list from the Navy once their time was up. He said that they were free to choose what they want to do and that a boat and some supplies would be waiting for them in the morning, if they still want to get off the ship.  The men changed their minds and re-enlisted. Together, they said their oaths again in front of the American flag. Chandler succeeded in making his men believe again.

Finally, Chandler went to Dr. Tophet’s holding cell and took his chessboard, telling him that from now on, he is not allowed to talk to anyone.

And that’s what happened in this week’s episode of “The Last Ship” Season 1 Episode 6 “Lockdown.” It aired on Sunday, July 27, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on TNT. How did you find it? Were you riveted by Chandler’s speeches? While it didn’t have a lot of the action that was typical of the previous airings, trust figured a lot in this episode. “Lockdown” had the heart, exemplifying what true heroes and leaders are made of. Don’t you agree?

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