The Last Ship Recap: Solace

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
The Last Ship Recap: Solace
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The Last Ship” Season 2 Episode 4 “Solace” aired on Sunday, July 5, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TNT. In this episode, the USS Nathan James encountered the USNS Solace, a hospital ship that had been put out to sea and especially retrofitted in order to produce massive quantities of Dr. Rachel Scott’s (Rhona Mitra) vaccine. Upon receiving no response from the ship, a team, which included the ship’s two newest recruits, boarded the ship, only to discover that they were dealing with an even more dangerous and mysterious enemy. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began at sea somewhere in the North Atlantic, five months prior to the events of the present day. On the ship, Ned Ramsey (Nick Court) discovered that everyone had died of the virus except for him and his brother Sean Ramsey (Brian F. O’Byrne). He promised him that they would be returning home soon.

Back at the present day, Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) continued made a log entry. She reassured her mentor, Dr. Julius Hunter (Timothy Landfield), who was struggling for survival in Florida, that they were on their way to him. She told him that the cure had already been distributed to Europe and the United States.

Afterwards, Rachel, Commander Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), Executive Officer Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin) and Master Chief Hugh Jeter (Charles Parnell) were informed by Lieutenant John “Gater” Mejia (Micahel Curran-Dorsano) that the USNS Solace, a hospital ship specifically retrofitted with a bio lab in order to mass produce the vaccine had left Norfolk a few weeks ago in order to escape the brunt of the outbreak. Because of this, Rachel gained hope that they could mass produce the vaccine and distribute it wherever they went. Chandler was happy that they would be adding another ship to their manifest.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Danny Green (Travis Van Winkle) introduced their two new recruits. They were both in the Navy Special Warfare Joint Operation Training Program at Norfolk- Senior Chief Wolf Taylor (Bren Foster) of the Royal Australian Navy, and Lieutenant Ravit Bivas (Inbar Lavi), from the Israeli Defense Forces, whom Lieutenant Carlton Burk (Jocko Sims) immediately developed a crush on.

After a while, Jeter informed Chandler and the others that they had picked up the Solace’s beacon, but the ship hadn’t responded to any hails. Because of this, Chandler decided to bring a team on board the ship in order to salvage any equipment from the laboratory for Rachel.

Once on board, the team split up, with Tex Nolan (John Pyper-Ferguson), Ravit and Burk looking for the lab, while Wolf, Chandler, Green, Seaman Miller (Kevin Michael Martin) and Cruz (Ness Bautista) went to secure the rest of the ship. However, their radio signals soon became choppy. Tex’s team discovered that around a dozen crew members had been executed. At the same time, Chandler and his team encountered one of the hostiles, whom they shot at and discovered a medical bay full of the ship’s doctors, who were tending to a wounded crewmate.

Tex and the others soon discovered that the laboratory had been smashed to pieces. It was after Ravit shot the men inside after tricking them to believe that she was a doctor.

Back on the ship, the crew went to their battle stations, including Lieutenant Kara Foster (Marisa Neitling). She then managed to take out one of the mercenaries or pirates after Chandler and Green flushed them out to the flight deck, after Ned taunted Chandler.

They also tried to scan the area for any ship or submarine that they might have come from, as the mercenaries on board were highly organized and well trained. He couldn’t find anything, save for a small blip on the sonar that Ensign Will Mason (Chris Sheffield) knew was a submarine.

Tex, Ravit and Burk then discovered that the ship was rigged to blow. Ravit tried to disarm it as Chandler and the others got the doctors on board a tender boat to go to the Nathan James. However, on the way, they were attacked once again, causing Chief Mate Gonzales (Ruben Garfias), to die. Chandler then managed to hit Ned, who dropped into the water. Tex then managed to secure the remote detonator attached to a huge oxygen tank, with his knife. It needed to stay in contact with metal, or else it would blow up, and hurled it into the air, where it blew up.

Back on the ship, Jeter and Chandler realized that they were looking at an international band of mercenaries. Dr. Milowsky (Bruce Nozick), an expert at vaccine manufacturing, volunteered to help Rachel.

Meanwhile, on board a boat, Niels Sorensen (Ebon Moss-Bahcrach) was brought to the submarine of the boss of the preacher he had just met. They believed that he had told them about the Solace in order for them to get set up by the US Navy.

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