The Last Ship Recap: We’ll Get There [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
The Last Ship Recap: We’ll Get There [WATCH VIDEO]
English actress, model and singer Rhona Mitra at the Los Angeles Comic Book Convention. Wikimedia Commons/MyCanon

The Last Ship” Season 1 Episode 4 “We’ll Get There” aired on Monday, July 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on TNT. The USS Nathan James had been through the worst, surviving an epidemic, a terrorist attack and a Russian threat. But on this episode, the crew led by Commander Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) has yet to encounter their toughest challenge yet. How will they be able to pull through this? Find out what happened in this episode by reading further below.

The episode opened with a flashback with Chandler’s family, as he was preparing to leave for his latest mission. He told his wife that this was a different assignment, and he may not be able to communicate with them as much as he used to because this would be based in the Artic. But Chandler assured his family that this would be the final mission for a while and that they would be so sick of him when he’s back home. Of course, he never got to be reunited with them again because the plague happened while his ship was in the Artic.

Back to the present day, Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra) told Chandler that she would like them to temporarily release Dr. Quincy Tophet (Sam Spruell), who was still being locked up following an incident previously (“Dead Reckoning”). Dr. Scott said that she needed someone to help with the vaccine, and with them having worked closely together before, Dr. Tophet already knew the system. Even if he was against this, Chandler allowed it, and Dr. Scott assured him that she would keep watch over the traitor.

But when Dr. Scott sought Dr. Tophet’s help, he refused, saying that he was still mourning for his family and did not care about coming up with virus cure anymore. Dr. Scott walked away from the room angry at Dr. Tophet for being selfish. Chandler asked XO Slattery (Adam Baldwin) to talk to Dr. Tophet into changing his mind about helping Dr. Scott. Perhaps the reason why Chandler asked Slattery was because he has a way with convincing people; he’s kind of a badass. He used to be a cop. Dr. Tophet relented, on the condition that he could step out to see the sun a few minutes of the day and that he could also get to play chess with someone from the crew.

Fire broke out in the ship’s engine room, and then the problem started piling up. The seawater filter was damaged, and the engine needed water to cool down. Problem was, they already lacked water supply, and if the problem in the engine room wasn’t fixed fast, they would be dehydrated in a matter of days. Some of the crew members have already started getting sick, in fact. Power was short too. The generators were no longer operational, save for one. Chandler ordered the remaining power coursed to the CIC and in the laboratory where Dr. Scott had been working. The doctor needed the virus at cold temperature at all times, especially when they were finally able to achieve a breakthrough. They were able to come up with a cure sample!

Chandler was left with a hard choice: they needed to conserve power for the virus prototype, so the ship had to stay still in the water, not consuming much of its resources. But every moment they stay there, the crew was at risk of dying from dehydration. So far, everyone in the crew had been cooperative, following the captain’s orders. But Chandler started doubting if he made the right decisions, and it was the chaplain who reminded him that inside him was a voice that was guiding him. He needed to trust that voice just as much as the crew trusted him.

Another flashback scene played out with Chandler and his kids. They gave him handmade presents: a picture frame from his son and a bracelet from his daughter, which he promised to keep in his pocket at all times while in his mission.

The last of the generator gave up, putting the vaccine in danger as there was no more power left in the ship. Chung, the engineer that had been working on fixing all of the ship’s problems, recommended that they throw the contained vaccine into the ocean where the temperature is cooler. It’s a risk, but they had no other options. It’s a good thing they went with the idea because it worked. One problem solved!

Next, Chandler thought it would be a good idea to use the propellers of the ship to make electricity, if they could find a way to let this spin. And they did! Using three parachutes as sails to drag the ship, the propellers eventually started spinning.

Slowly but surely, things started falling into place. By some miracle, the crew spotted seagulls, which meant that land was nearby; and they could finally dock, reassess the damage, do repairs and restock if necessary.  Most of all, they could relax at the beach.

It had been a different, most challenging day for the crew of USS Nathan James, but it ended well. But what other challenges will they be up against next?

And that’s it for “The Last Ship” Season 1 Episode 4 “We’ll Get There,” which aired last Sunday, July 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. For more on this show, follow Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

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