The Last Ship: Season 2 Spoilers

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The Last Ship: Season 2 Spoilers
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In less than a month, in a few weeks time, viewers and fans will be once again thrown into the post-apocalyptic world of “The Last Ship”, as it will be premiering on Sunday, June 21, 2015. Spoiler TV has released the official press release regarding the first two episodes of the season, and has also released several promotional videos which tease what will be happening in the second season.   WARNING: This article may contain spoilers on the second season of “The Last Ship”. Read on to learn more about the upcoming second season.

According to the press released that has been released on Spoiler TV, fans and viewers will get a double treat as “The Last Ship’s” second season will premiere with not just one, but two episodes, back to back.

The first episode of the season, “Unreal City” will air at 9:00 PM, while the second episodes, “Fight the Ship”, will air an hour afterwards.

According to the release, after everything that happened in Baltimore, Commander Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) and his small team will be joining up with an underground resistance movement in a bid to topple over the vice-chair of the United State’s President’s Defense Policy Board, Amy Granderson (Alfre Woodard), who currently has control of the Nathan James. Meanwhile, Commander Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin), who is currently a hostage in his own ship, will have to race against time to regain control of the ship, especially as medical supplies are at an all- time low, and as Quincy Tophet’s (Sam Spruell), is getting worse by the minute.

Spoiler TV has also released several promotional videos which tease what is to be expected in the upcoming season.

Most of the videos teased that the main characters will be pitted against a new enemy. It is also shown that there will be a bunch of people who believe that they were “chosen” to “inherit the earth”, and have decided to take over America.

The videos also show Slattery loading up to take back his ship, and him giving a pep talk to his men, as he tells them that they will find survivors and their  families. Also, one of the female characters is shown telling them to kill those who had killed all those people who thought that they were going to be saved.

The latest promotional video features a new recruit, a female lieutenant, who is just as good as the other soldiers.

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Catch “The Last Ship” when it returns on Sunday, June 21, 2015  at 9:00 and 10:00 PM on TNT.

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