The Last Stand Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

The Last Stand MovieSouth Korean director Jee-won Kim brings energy, speed, and sense of humor to The Last Stand, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. If it was done by another director, the movie will be like any other cookie-cutter Schwarzenegger movie.

The Last Stand does have some groan-worthy puns but director Kim combines Wile E. Coyote loony antics and John Woo thrilling moves in a crime drama that brings fun to the viewers. Schwarzenegger is the sheriff of a sleepy Arizona town. The town wakes up when the FBI informs him that Mexican drug lord (Eduardo Noriega) escaped from a Vegas jail and is heading towards his town.

Now The Last Stand shows some fancy car maneuvering where Noriega goes up to 200 mph. There are more cars in The Last Stand than extras. The road and the town are virtually empty except for the actors. Violent car carnage ensues as Schwarzenegger and the mob engage in shootouts.

The action in The Last Stand is a bit cartoonish but director Kim gives it a light touch that makes it clear that realism is the last thing he is going for. Right from the start, you can predict that The Last Stand will end with a final battle between Schwarzenegger and Noriega. You can also guess right away who will win the fight. The fun part is watching how the movie goes from start to finish.

The Last Stand is a very fast paced movie. Its plot is just right for the pace. It would not be the same with another director and this is why Jee-Won Kim is the real star of the show. Schwarzenegger is showing his age in the movie but it is just right for the role. Overall, The Last Stand is a good combination of comedy and fun car chases. The pacing makes it entertaining.

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