The Last Tycoon Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

The Last TycoonThe Last Tycoon is a romantic gangster movie made by Hong Kong director Wang Jing. It features Chw Yun-fat and Huang Xiaoming. It is about Shanghai’s last gang leader before the People’s Republic of China was founded.

It is considered as the saving grace of director Wang Jing. It is advertised as a gangster movie but it is a touching romantic story. It is based on the life of one of three tycoons who controlled pre-1949 Shanghai. Huang Xiaoming and Chow Yun-fat play the younger and older version of Cheng Daqi, who is the city’s greatest gang leader.

Just don’t expect to see details about his questionable background. The Last Tycoon focuses on his relationships with those around him, especially the love triangle involving him and two women. It is a typical Hong Kong gangster movie with life-or-death gang fights all throughout Cheng’s career. As the main character, Cheng only needs to pull the trigger in order to survive an ambush. It somehow gives the bad notion that gangsters are immortals and people might be misled into believing that gangster life is easy.

The Last Tycoon shows how Cheng is attached to his friends and lovers. Chow Yun-fat and Monica Mo churns out impressive performances. Huang Xiaoming has been criticized for his acting in the past but there’s nothing wrong with him in this movie. Special mentions are necessary for Sammo Hung and Yuan Li for lending their acting skills in The Last Tycoon.

The Last Tycoon is a well-orchestrated drama movie. Director Wang Jing controlled the pace masterfully. There’s fun for everyone. Female audiences would love the dramatic scenes while the men would enjoy the action sequences. It runs for almost two hours and yet people will not be bored with it. It is an above-average movie that will move the viewers.

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