‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Sequel Confirmed! Vin Diesel Reprise Role As Kaulder

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Sequel Confirmed! Vin Diesel Reprise Role As Kaulder

Vin Diesel has come a long way from proving his status as an action star to one of the most successful actors Hollywood has. With two franchises namely the “Fast and Furious” and “Riddick,” it looks like the actor could be coming up with another franchise, “The Last Winter” which he can take forward.

According to Variety, the actor’s upcoming movie “The Last Witch Hunter” already has a sequel in the making. Although the film has yet to hit theaters on October 23, Lionsgate perceived that it would do well in the box office. Vin Diesel took to Facebook to share the exciting news. He mentioned that the studio wanted him to commit to a sequel as early as now.

“The Last Witch Hunter” follows the story of Kaulder (Vin Diesel), a witch hunter who belongs to ancient order of warriors known to be the evil’s biggest enemies. Diesel’s character in the movie is said to be an immortal who is called upon by Michael Caine’s character when an evil witch back from the dead threatens to spread a deadly virus in New York City that could possibly wipe out everyone. Kaulder is forced to join forces with another witch who happens to be on the good side to fight this common enemy.

It would be interesting to see Vinn Diesel as the witch hunter. The latest trailer of “The Last Witch Hunter” showed him saying that the supernatural kind has never understood the fact that their kind will be hunted. Kaulder is known to use only a sword to kill the evil.

Screen Rant reported that if the studio is asking the actor to commit to a sequel then the movie will happen sooner than later. Besides, in the teaser, Michael Caine’s character tells Vin’s character that his story is the one that never ends which could potentially mean another franchise for the actor.

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Photo source: Facebook/Vin Diesel

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